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Affordable ER Care.  Be Both Physically and Fiscally Happy!

If you have questions about Altus Insurance Information, we have answers.  Emergencies happen but when they do they don’t have to break your wallet.  You have a choice as to where you go and who takes care of you.  At Altus Emergency Centers, we make it easier for you to have access to board certified physicians, highly experienced nurses and other healthcare experts as well as cutting edge medical technology and equipment.  Our caring staff is prepped and ready to rush to your aid 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on all holidays.  The following is our Altus Insurance Information:
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The Law Guarantees Coverage

Although we do not participate nor are contacted with any in-network payor, under protection of the Federal and State laws, you are guaranteed coverage in a true emergency.
Altus Emergency Centers

We Have Dedicated Specialists

We accept your assignment of insurance guarantee that can be validated by our staff. We have highly dedicated specialists ready to process claims on your behalf for your out of network benefit. We accept the majority of commercial/private insurance carriers such as but not limited to: AETNA, BCBS, Cigna, Humana and United Health Care.
Altus Emergency Centers

Our Mission is to Save Lives

We make our care most affordable to our patients by providing highest Affordable Care Act Discount to those who qualify. We offer ACA discount to under-insured and un-insured (cash pay) on case-by-case basis. Our mission is to save lives; our dedication is to save your bank account by helping you in any way we can to make you physically and financially healthy.


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Per Senate Bill 425, which took effect September 1, 2015 and relates to health care information provided by and notice of fees charged by Freestanding Emergency Medical Care facilities, we are required to post that:

This is a freestanding emergency medical care facility. This facility charges rates comparable to a hospital emergency room and may charge a facility fee. This facility or a physician providing medical care at this facility may not be a participating provider in the patient’s health benefit plan provider network. The physician providing medical care at this facility may bill separately from the facility for the medical care provided to a patient.

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