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CT Scans

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Computerized Tomography Scan is also known as CT Scan or CAT Scan can provide images of the soft tissue, bones, blood vessels in various parts of the body, allowing emergency physicians to better diagnose and treat internal injuries and diseases.

Altus Offers the Most Innovative CT Technology!

At all of our Altus Emergency Centers as well as Altus Lumberton Hospital, we offer the very best CT technology for faster, safer, better, more accurate results during an Emergency.  We’ve recently equipped our locations with brand new CT Machines.  This upgraded imaging technology helps make a major difference to help you & your family during an emergency:

  • Much faster results
  • Safer, 82% less exposure to radiation
  • 100% increase in the image clarity & resolution
  • 91% noise reduction

What Are CT Scans Used For?

A CT Scan may be used to visualize injuries or signs of diseases in the following body parts:

  • Head
  • Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Heart
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvic Area
  • Knee

CT Scan

Is an advanced imagining technology that utilizes computerized imaging and x-rays to create cross-sectional detailed images of the body.

What are the Causes of CT Scan?

There are many factors that could result in CT Scan, most pain is caused by:

While the test has numerous applications, in emergency medicine it is mostly used to diagnose diseases and evaluating the severity of an injury, this imaging technology can assist doctors in:

  • Diagnosing Infectious Diseases
  • Identifying Muscle Disorders
  • Visualize and Evaluate Bone Fractures
  • Pinpoint the Location of Tumors and Other Masses
  • Study the Blood Vessels and Other Internal Structures
  • Assess the Extent of Internal Injuries and Internal Bleeding
  • Diagnose Heart Disease

What Are the Benefits of CT Scans?

Computerized Tomography Scan technology provides a wide range of benefits for both the patient and the emergency physician including:

  • The procedure is safe, painless, non-invasive and provides fast results
  • A single CT Scan can provide detailed imagining of bone, soft tissue and blood vessels eliminating the need for additional imaging
  • Provides more detailed and clear images of organs such as lungs and heart than traditional x-ray machines or ultrasounds
  • Examination is fast and simple, making it extremely valuable in emergency situations
  • The procedure can be performed on individuals who have had a medical device implanted, unlike MRI scans.
  • No radiation remains in the patient’s body after a CT Scan test
  • CT imaging provides real-time extremely accurate imaging which makes it an invaluable tool when performing minimally invasive procedures such as needle biopsies, or needle aspirations