Please feel free to contact us with all of your Billing Questions.

Billing Questions

Please feel free to contact us with all of your Billing Questions.

Billing Questions

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Please feel free to contact us with all
of your Billing Questions. We are always happy to help!
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If you have a Billing Question, please feel free to use our Billing Help form and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for choosing Altus Emergency Centers.

Disclaimer: Due to state and federal laws, your insurer must pay the provider the usual and customary amount based on your geographic location.

In Texas, the patient protection laws are in place to allow you to freely choose where to receive care, with your portion of the costs covered at in-network rates.

Q. Is Altus In-Network?
Q. How much will this cost me?
Q. I was in an auto accident. Can Altus see me?
Q. Why did it take so long to receive my bill?
Q. Who can help me if I have a billing issue?
Q. Can we bill your insurance when you come here?
Q. Why do I receive two bills when coming to Altus?
Q. What is a Coordination of Benefits or “COB”?

Other Common Billing FAQ’s

A. We will process and file a claim with all major insurance companies on your behalf. We provide the most affordable, consumer friendly discount program for those who qualify. Our Patient Advocate offer the most dedicated claims appeal department services.

A: Both Federal and State law requires for your insurance to pay for your Medical Emergency condition regardless of whether or not the provider is “in-network” or “out of network”. Both Federal and State law protects the “prudent layperson standard” in determining what you feel is an emergency. A layperson is one who possesses an average knowledge of health and medicine, determines that a medical condition manifests itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity (including severe pain) that the person could reasonably expect the absence of immediate medical attention to result in placing the patient’s health in serious jeopardy.

A: We have a highly dedicated Medical Billing and Claim Specialists, our Patient Advocate, who will process your claim on your behalf and appeal effectively all claim denials. We offer financial assistance for financially qualified patients reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Altus Emergency Center offers the most transparent fee disclosure proactively to avoid any unexpected medical expenses or invoices. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions about your insurance coverage or bill.

A: In addition to accepting conventional payments as in cash, checks and credit card payments, we accept HSA account. We offer most consumer friendly HSA reimbursement programs. According to industry report, on August 6 2013, the health savings accounts have reached an all time high at 18.1 billion dollars in savings available. Please check with your employer or human resources to determine if you still have HCHA savings.

A:  With the exception of Altus Baytown ER and Altus Lumberton Hospital, we are not contracted with Medicare.  We are not contracted with Medicaid at any of our locations, however we provide and offer all patients who present themselves with a free medical screening.

For billing questions, please fill out the form below and a Patient Advocate will get in touch with you soon.