Altus ER During COVID-19 – Real Patient Testimonies


Visiting Altus ER During COVID-19, What Has it Been Like?

From the beginning, when the COVID-19 virus first appeared, there has been a whirlwind of controversy and many more questions than answers. The world went through a massive realization that we are all interconnected. We are not alone as what happens in one part of the world can ultimately affect the whole. However, it has also been a time of coming together in a tremendous effort to safeguard our families, friends, and the whole of humanity. Suddenly, unsung heroes began to spring up all over the world, those on the front line, our first-responders and healthcare workers. Likewise, there have been individuals, organizations, and businesses who also stood up and reached out to help others during these trying times.

How can you tell if an ER is a safe, caring, effective place to go these days?

Since it’s inception, the Altus Health family has strived together through the years, helping to give our surrounding communities access to quality ER care. Now more than ever before, standing alongside the community has become crucial. We take a look back from March 2020 to present-day to find out what it has been like for our patients to visit Altus ER During COVID-19.

What we found was eyeopening. Healthcare workers focus on helping each patient get well during that crucial moment that they come into the ER. Very rarely do they get to understand the difference that those critical moments made in someone’s life.

Thank you to each and every patient that has trusted in us as a safe ER to come and get care. We vow to continue to work 24/7/365 days to keep you safe and well! Today, we share some of the real testimonials of patients visiting Altus ER during COVID-19.

Visiting Altus Baytown ER During COVID-19

Real Patient Testimonials

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“Thank you for taking care of me today. Y’all did an excellent job. Everyone was professional and courteous. Everyone was nice to me and treated me with compassion and gave their full attention. I highly recommend this facility. The next time I need to be treated for something I will come back here.” – Princess Zoeylynn

“My wait time was less than a minute. Doctors came in right after nurse took my info. Was treated very well and they did follow up calls to check on me.” – Melinda Smith

“Great staff, courteous, and professional. I arrived and was being treated within five minutes. The doctor discussed all of my options and put at ease. This was great experience for me. Thanks to all the staff at Altus.” – Mark Bourbon

“From my arrival the staff was both friendly and professional. The doctor and nurses had a great bedside manor, making me feel more like a friend than just another patient.” – Mark ROUSSEAU

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Visiting Altus ER Lake Jackson During COVID-19

Real Patient Testimonials

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“The moment I walked in the receptionist greeted me immediately and checked me in. I was taken back to a room as soon as the receptionist finished the check-in process. Dr. Rodriguez came into the exam room to assess me within 5 minutes. He devised a plan quickly which started with an X-ray. X-ray was completed and read within 15-20 min. The nurse and tech who took part in my care were both very kind as well. I feel I was properly diagnosed and given the appropriate medications and instructions. I definitely give them FIVE stars.” – Cherie Bates

“The doctors and staff were very professional and courteous. I recently had surgery at another location and went in to Altus for trouble urinating. Doc did a CT scan and found an abcess. He immediately sent me back into the hospital where my surgery was done. Great catch doc!!!” – Tonya Johnson

“I was treated very, very well. I had a boil on the back of neck that turned into a raging staph infection that they called Cellulitis. They put me in the corner room, with a very comfortable recliner and started the I/V anti biotics. Within 10 very comfortable hours most of the swelling had gone down and I was feeling much, much better than when I arrived, so they sent me on home. I’d highly recommend them for ANY KIND of urgent Care needs you may have. i Wednesday scared to Death of being exposed to the Corona, no worries. They keep it very clean.” – James Smith

“Great service, was seen very quickly and not to pricey if you dont have insurance.. Doctors and nurses actually know what they’re doing, figured out the problem in less then an hour” – Jasmine Hodge

“I was not expecting to stay overnight at all. Dr. Obi tried to get me in the hospital but there were no beds anywhere. Needless to say it all happened fast. But Leslie and Tonya were amazing!!! They basically stayed with me all night. They made sure I had everything I needed. I can’t thank them enough. The entire staff that evening were great.” – Marbella Hooper

Visiting Altus ER Waxahachie During COVID-19

Real Patient Testimonials

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“The front lady was so kind! This was my first time taking my child and they were great! Sweet and thorough nurse who did a great job explaining the process to my 3-year-old and the doctor was so attentive and sweet. I highly recommend this Emergency center!” – Christen Arroyave

“This is a great place to go for an emergency. This a stand-alone ER. The nurses, doctors, X-ray Tech and receptionist are all very polite and business like. I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Without any hesitation, I was asked pertinent questions to exclude Covid-19. I was given a chest X-ray to complete verification. I did not need a Covid test. I appreciate all the professionalism that I witnessed. I recommend Altus in Waxahachie. Please note that a bad cough and heavy chest does not always mean Covid-19. A.S.” – Anne Sutherland

“A lot quicker than any ER I have ever been too. Usually evenings and weekends are good for an hour or so in a day out. They take my insurance no problem.” – B B

Visiting Altus Lumberton Hospital During COVID-19

Real Patient Testimonials

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Thank You to our Altus ER Team!

We thank each and every one of the Altus ER staff, Altus Baytown ER, Altus Emergency Center Lake Jackson, Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie, and Altus Lumberton Hospital for their tremendous commitment to safeguarding each precious life.

Thank you for helping our communities cope with the public health crisis and stay safe and healthy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]