Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022


At Altus Emergency we are delighted to announce the Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022! Back in February 2022, we launched our Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022 for each of our four locations.  This initiative was done through the Altus Gives program, which was established to help give back to our local businesses and individuals.

Each location held an Altus Gives Scholarship awards program awarding a total of $2000 in scholarships as a one-time payment.  The awards were given to each of the recipients to pursue a career in healthcare.

This award was given to each of the recipients as a check to be exclusively used for expenses related to college such as tuition, fees, books, school supplies, and board.  Individuals could apply through the application form directly from our website up until the March 31st, 2022 deadline.  Then, the winners were selected in April 2022 by a review panel appointed by the management of Altus Emergency Centers.

After having been selected, we coordinated with each of the students’ schools to deliver them the good news.  This is how they reacted to having won the Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022.  Get to know each of the Altus Gives Scholarship Winners of 2022!


Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022 for Baytown

Congratulations to our three Altus Emergency Baytown Scholarship 2022 Winners:

  • Sarah Salinas from Robert E. Lee High School
  • Hannah Wood from Ross S. Sterling High School
  • Mariah Taylor from Goose Creek Memorial High School

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The Winners’ Reaction

“I appreciate this reward and look forward to proving that I am a deserving recipient. I plan on using the scholarship to aid my tuition in my future academic career. Your generosity is overwhelming and will allow me to focus on achieving my overarching goal of becoming a physical therapist.”
-Hanna Wood

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this scholarship program as it will assist with furthering my education and pursing my career by helping me pay for college tuition.”

– Mariah Taylor


Congratulations to the Altus Emergency Baytown Scholarship 2022 Winners!

Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022 for Lake Jackson
Congratulations to our three Altus Emergency Lake Jackson Scholarship 2022 Winners:

  • Lindsey Williams from Brazoswood High School
  • Caitlyn Boswell from Brazoswood High School
  • Lauryn Keenom from Danbury High School
  • Elisha Ullrich from Angleton High School

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The Winners’ Reaction

“I am thankful to have received the scholarship from Altus. I will be using the money towards my tuition at Texas Tech University as I pursue a degree in nursing. I am very honored to have been chosen for this scholarship. – Caitlyn Boswell


“This scholarship means so much to me because I have not received many in my academic career. So it really means a lot when someone from an outside source recognizes and appreciates my accomplishments. I will use this scholarship towards books and uniforms for my nursing school starting in May. Thank you so much for letting me have this opportunity! – Lauryn Keenom


“Winning the Altus not only helps me pay for college expenses such as books and other necessities, it inspires and encourages me to excel in school and follow my true passion. Working to help others in need is something I have always wanted to do and with Altus giving me their scholarship, makes me realize that they see something in me too. With that being said, this really drives me to pursue a degree in medical field and I can’t wait to see where I go from here! I would personally like to thank y’all again for the opportunity of winning a scholarship. This will help me tremendously as I go off alone and have to buy everything on my own! – Lindsey Williams

Congratulations to the Altus Emergency Lake Jackson Scholarship 2022 Winners!

Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022 for Waxahachie
Congratulations to our three Altus Emergency Waxahachie Scholarship 2022 Winners:

  • Emily Essl from Waxahachie High School
  • Chase Pope from Waxahachie High School

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The Winners’ Reaction

“The scholarship acts as a reassurance that I am on the right path to becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I plan to use the money on lab fees that come with being a pre-med biology major. Thanks again for your generosity and for helping me pursue my education.” – Chase Pope

Congratulations to the Altus Emergency Waxahachie Scholarship 2022 Winners!

Altus Gives Scholarship Winners 2022 for Lumberton Hospital

Congratulations to our three Altus Lumberton Hospital Scholarship 2022 Winners:

  • Nathan Fox from Lumberton High School
  • Dixie Wooten from Hardin Jefferson High School

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The Winners’ Reaction

“This scholarship is so important to me because i will be studying abroad in Panama City, Panama this summer and this scholarship went towards helping me pay for that! ” – Dixie Wooten


“I’d like to thank Altus for awarding me with the scholarship. It is very appreciated. This scholarship means a lot to me because I will be moving away to attend college and it will help me pay for some additional living expenses while being away from home.” – Nathan Fox

Congratulations to the Altus Lumberton Hospital Scholarship 2022 Winners!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Altus Gives Scholarship 2022.  A special thanks go out to the staff and schools who helped make this possible.  We could not have done this without your stellar efforts!

To all recent graduates, congratulations on a job well done! At Altus Emergency Centers and Altus Lumberton Hospital we encourage you to strive and accomplish your pursuit of a career of your choice whether it be healthcare or any other path you choose to take. We will be happy to welcome more dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals to our community. It is an honor to be able to contribute to the future needs of our community through Altus Gives.

Altus wishes each and every one of you continued success through your college career and beyond.