An Interview with Eddie Rescue


Eddie Rescue, the most loveable, huggable friend you’ll ever have.

Introducing – Eddie Rescue, our most cuddly member of the Altus Emergency Center Team

We have featured many extraordinary people through our “Meet the Altus Emergency Team” section. However, today we are proud to introduce you to our most huggable member of our Altus ER Team, our very own Eddie Rescue. Eddie “the Teddy” Rescue is not your ordinary bear. Having been with Altus Emergency from the very beginning, he has become the very essence of laughter and cheer that normally doesn’t hang out around your usual ER.

Everywhere he goes, Eddie is always ready for making you happy. This gentle soul will produce smiles from adults and children alike. We have asked him many times, “How do you do it, Ed?”. With a twinkle in his eyes, he will just smile. That Eddie is just too smart to give away his secret sauce to making people happy, but we don’t mind! We’re just thrilled to have him on our team.[/vc_column_text][us_image image=”25243″ size=”full”][vc_column_text]In a rare opportunity, Eddie Rescue took us up on our request for a one on one interview. We couldn’t believe it! Our legendary friend and mascot will finally open up to his fans so we can know, just who is Eddie Rescue?

We invite you to get to know Eddie Rescue, our fun-loving mascot. You’ll see him dancing away at events, in photos or in videos, reading books to children, and intuitively knowing when you really can use a hug to make it all better.

An interview with Eddie Rescue is the latest in the series of Altus Staff articles dedicated to the amazing people behind what is #TeamAltusER: We’re Not Neighbors, We’re Family![/vc_column_text][us_image image=”25249″ size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Studies and Formation

Eddie Rescue graduated from the prestigeous Build a Bear University. He was hired right out of school and has been with us at Altus Emergency for the past five years. When asked why he decided to become a mascot he admitted,

“There are only a few special elite mascots that get picked from my school. When I was presented with this honor, I knew I had to take it.” – Eddie Rescue

Meet Mr. Eddie Rescue

Ed on Life, Happiness, and the Future

We enjoyed a lovely chat with Eddie, an East Texas native. He shared about his family, hobbies, and passions. The following are some highlights of our interview.[/vc_column_text][us_image_slider ids=”25251,25250,25249,25247,25246,25245,25244,25242,25241,25240,25239,25238″ fullscreen=”1″ autoplay=”1″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Q: “Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule, Eddie. So tell us, where are you from?”
A: Eddie:

I was born in the East Texas Woods just on the other side of Silsbee.

Q: “Oh, I hear it’s beautiful out there. Growing up, what or who has been your biggest influence or your mentor?”
A: Eddie:

My Biggest influence has to be from Tony The Tiger from Kellogs Frosted Flakes, Heeeees Great!

Q: “Tell us a little about your family life. Is there a Mrs. Eddie Rescue?”
A: Eddie:

Its Complicated.

Q: “I understand. It happens a lot these days. What are your hobbies and interests?“
A: Eddie:

First and foremost, I love to see the kids smile at all my locations. When I am not working at Altus, I like to fish on the coast, travel to Alaska to catch salmon. I help with the local bee companies by eating a lot of honey.

Q: “Wow! They all sound like a lot of fun. That leads me to my next question is if you could get free tickets anywhere where would you travel to?“
A: Eddie:

I would like to travel to Nashville, Tennessee. I love to dance and country music is some of my favorite tunes.

Q: “Well, we’ll just have to keep that in mind. What would be your dream come true?”
A: Eddie:

Going Viral on social media would a instant hit. I think that could get me to a Tony The Tiger Status.

Q: “What do you love most about working with Altus ER?“
A: Eddie:

(Getting up and giving me a big hug.) I love all of you guys so much!

That Eddie! He’s the most loveable bear I have ever met in my life. We are truly honored to have him on our team! Thank you, Eddie Rescue, we know that you will be bigger than Tony the Tiger someday. We are and will remain your biggest fans. The next time you see Eddie, remember, there’s no need to be afraid during an emergency, just head for your closest Altus ER and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

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