Assistant Administrator Job Opening in Waxahachie


Assistant Administrator – Job Opening in Waxahachie

This is an excellent opportunity to work with one of the finest Emergency Rooms in Texas.

Altus is currently seeking to fill the position of an Assistant Administrator – Job Opening in Waxahachie to work at Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie. Please review the following job requirements and Submit your Resume Now.[/vc_column_text][us_image image=”23632″ size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Assistant Administrator Position Summary

Aid in general operations of the Center, manage employee personal and health files, participate in the Governing Board, management and review of outside vendor contracts, and aiding in the oversight of the processes of registration.

The staffing of the Center is based on a teamwork concept. Employees may be cross-trained in other areas of the Center and may be expected to perform duties other than their normal ones as staffing and patient needs change.

Assistant Administrator Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for maintaining and aiding in the day-to-day operations of the Center.
  2. Aiding in general maintenance of the facility and resolving problems as they occur. Following up and ensuring routine maintenance is completed within the facility.
  3. Management and security of policies and procedures that govern employees of the Center.
  4. Work with management on implementation of quality management plan
  5. Helps in different community marketing event. Acts as liaison to the community
  6. Responsible for managing contracts of outside vendors, making sure contracts are up to date and business associate agreements are signed if needed. Conduct an annual review/audit of pricing and services provided by vendor.
  7. Serves as a member of the Medical Executive Committee, Governing Board, and other committees as necessary.
  8. Creates and maintain the minutes and information provide to the Professional Standards Committee and the Governing Board.
  9. Ensure the proper function of equipment and ordering of office supplies.
  10. Work with management on utilization review to ensure cost-conscious use of all resources.
  11. Aid management with CQI processes to ensure compliance with regulations of governing bodies and accrediting organizations by continually monitoring the facility’s service delivery and initiating changes as required, according to the quality management plan.
  12. Provides basic marketing duties and attends beneficial functions in the community, including events that are after hours.
  13. Abides by and supports established Center policies and procedures.
  14. Maintains confidentiality of patient and Center related business.
  15. Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with patients, families, visitors, medical staff members and Center employees.
  16. Organization of facility invoices and assurance of payments to vendors.
  17. Aid management in oversight of registration processes and medical records.
  18. Reconciliation of payments/batching by the registration staff.
  19. Preparing for state and federal audits as well as maintaining good standing and compliance for the facilities state and federal licensing.
  20. Auditing of facility safety program and assurance that proper safety is being maintained. Reviewing that the appropriate safety drills are being performed and documented.
  21. Overseeing of the human resources processes for the facility and maintaining employee personal and health files.
  22. Auditing of the human resource processes for the other emergency facilities.
  23. Assistant to the Administrator, aiding in all functions for all the emergency centers.
  24. Other Jobs duties.


  1. Bachelor Degree required and Masters preferred.
  2. Healthcare experience is a plus.
  3. Computer skills
  4. Type minimum of 45wpm
  5. Basic office skills
  6. Knowledge of medical terminology
  7. Must be alert, honest and of good character

Special Skills and Knowledge


Essential Function

  1. Ability to read and write (legibly)
  2. Ability to communicate appropriately and effectively
  3. Ability to respond quickly, physically and mentally as the need arises
  4. Compliance with facility personnel policies
  5. Ability to function independently without constant supervision

Physical/Mental Requirements for Position

  1. Ability to frequently utilize full range of motion, including crouching, stooping, reaching bending and twisting
  2. Ability to constantly utilize manual dexterity
  3. Ability to see and hear
  4. Ability to understand simple written and verbal instructions
  5. Ability to solve simple problems
  6. Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks

Bloodborne Pathogen Classification

Category 3-No occupational exposure

The above material reflects the general qualifications considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job as identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work required that may be inherent to the position.

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