Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 Mission Accomplished


Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 Was a Huge Success!

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“Mission Accomplished” at the 4th Annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017

It seems like each year is better than the last! The August 12th morning was filled with teddy bears, informative hand outs, snow cones, music, painted smiling faces, fun and silliness at Altus Emergency Center’s fourth annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017.

This family friendly free event was held for the fourth consecutive year as a last “summer fest” before the start of the school year at the Altus Emergency Center Lumberton location: 137 North LHS Drive Lumberton, TX 77657.

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An Incredible Way to Close Summer

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Three Hours Packed with Excitement at the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017

The day was a pure delight! How we managed to pack so many fun activities in three hours is sincerely incredible. We started the event with door prizes for our guests full of school supplies, donated by Altus Emergency, Boogie & Tootsie’s Deli and Neches Federal Credit Union. We had Extreme Bouncers and Slides bring out a bounce house and a water slide for kids to enjoy. This was a big hit with the younger kids!

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That was just the tip of the iceberg… Other exciting activities at the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 included: a rock painting station, cotton candy station, free snow cones from Kona Ice, a face painter, the Lumberton Police, Fire and Swat team and two photo booths with live DJ Rayman playing music. Additionally, we had local vendors come out and provide services and giveaways for the people attending: Christy Boudreaux DDS, Lumberton Chamber of Commerce, Sprint Print, Girl Scouts, Cricket Wireless, Fuller Options, Chiropractor Ana Bumstead, MET Head Start, Sassy Southern Salon and Boutique, Crestwood Baptist Church, and Julie Rodgers Gift of Life.
Thank you for all who attended our fourth annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017!


The Donations Rolled in!

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There Were Lots of Giving Hearts at the Back to School Lumberton 2017

What a joy to be a part of something so special! The purpose of the Back to School Lumberton 2017 is not only to pave the way for the next school year in fun but also to help make a difference through worthy causes. Nothing is better than giving children encouragement to prosper and grow.

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Thank you to everyone who donated to help the Lumberton Civic Women’s League/Caring Hearts #BacktheBackPack Cause during the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017. We as a staff also collected 27 backpacks full of school supplies for local kids, which was our Altus Gives charity for August. In addition, we had LifeShare doing a blood donation. During this fine event, we exceeded our blood donation goal! Thank you to the 14 donors that supplied blood and a plasma donation during the Altus Emergency Lumberton event.

A Mix of Happy Pics!

Photo Fest Recap

Here are just a few of hundreds of fun photos that were taken during the memorable Lumberton Back to School Fest 2017. The best highlights from event can be found at the two photobooths! Over 300 silly willy photos were taken during Altus Emergency Center Lumberton‘s free family event this Saturday. Check to see if you or a friend are here: Photo Fun #1 and Photo Fun #2 Galleries.

It’s super easy to share with your friends directly to your social media page. Go ahead and share to have a fun memory to look back at and smile!

See you next year!

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Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Have a Safe and Fun Back to School

We wish all parents and children a wonderful school year filled with many great accomplishments.

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