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FIRST RESPONDERS: First to Arrive, Last to Leave

Thank You to all Brave Men and Women Who Rush to Our Aid When We Need it the Most: Our Local First Responders

No one ever plans or wants to be in an emergency. Most of us live within our daily hustle and bustle aloof to the potential dangers that surround us.

Very few people actually stop and think, “What would happen if?” The reality is that emergencies do happen but when they do, we know that someone will come to the rescue. Why do we know this? We feel safe because time and time again, they have proved themselves through noble acts of service.

First responders are the friendliest, most welcome faces we greet during an emergency.

A Special Calling

Real Life Super Heroes

It takes a special person to be a first responder.

Let’s face it, not everyone can be a super hero. A first responder embodies heroic traits without expecting fame or fortune. They are genuine, selfless individuals working hard to help save a lives.

  • To be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

  • To face their fears in order to accomplish a mission.

  • To put themselves in the front line when others run.

  • To believe in humanity when others have lost hope.

  • To sacrifice their own safety in order to save others.

We look up to them as children, we respect them as adults, we honor our Lumberton Community First Responders.

Thank You to All First Responders from Altus Gives!

Thank You For Keeping Us Safe & Healthy!

During the month of June 2017, Altus Gives Honors all of our First Responders, among those: Lumberton Fire/EMS, Lumberton Police Department, Acadian EMS and Republic EMS.

Let’s rally around them, showing our love and support to our local Lumberton first responders. We appreciate all that you do for our community and everything that you do for us!

We are so grateful to work along side some of the most selfless and caring individuals in our community. We want to show a small token of appreciation to some of our local first responders.
– Melissa Thompson, Altus Emergency Center Lumberton

Stay Tuned to our Social Media Pages for Highlights of our Altus Gives to First Responders Activities occurring during the month of June. Coming Soon!

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