Taking Care of Our Red Oak Community


Taking Care of Our Red Oak Community

Time flies when you are fulfilling your purpose. It’s now been three years since we first opened our doors and our hearts to the lovely communities of Waxahachie and Red Oak.

Today we are filled with gratitude and appreciation for all our Patients, neighbors, and friends. You took us in and made us feel like family, and every day we strive to do the same for you all.

It’s always a blessing to serve a community that shares many of the core values of our organization: family, honesty, and a commitment to excellence. This community inspires us to continue to grow and improve our service every day.[/vc_column_text][us_image_slider ids=”24362,24359,24360,24361,24365,24366,24367,24368,24369″ fullscreen=”1″ autoplay=”1″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Different is Better – How Altus Innovates Emergency Care

One of the biggest grievances of ER patients is the treatment they receive from doctors, nurses, and administrative staff.

This reality offends us deeply; that is why we promise you will never encounter indifference in our ER; that’s a claim very few can make!

At Altus Emergency, we are Big Enough to Matter, but also Small Enough to Care. Our team of local doctors, nurses, and administrative professionals will always treat you like family when you visit us.

Innovating Every Day

We work under the belief that emergency care should be fast, personalized, convenient, and affordable.

At Altus, we’ve reinvented what it means to be a real emergency center. It’s hard to compare us to anyone else. When you visit our facility, this is what you can expect:

  • Convenient location close to home
  • World-class medical attention provided by local doctors and nurses that genuinely care about you and your family
  • Minimal wait times, you’ll see a medical professional within minutes not hours
  • Affordable treatments
  • Simple, no-hassle billing process

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Conveniently Located

We chose a site location that is convenient for all residents of Waxahachie and the beautiful town of Red Oak.

If you’re like most of our patients, you don’t want to leave the area for care. That’s why we make it convenient for you to get treated right here at home.

Time is of the essence in an emergency, and it’s reassuring to know you don’t need to drive an hour out of your way because Altus Emergency Center is only 10 minutes away.

Our state-of-the-art facility has easy access and offers ample parking.[/vc_column_text][us_image_slider fullscreen=”1″ autoplay=”1″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

Our Services

Our services aim to provide world-class emergency care to all patients, including children. We have certified doctors and nurses working at our ER 24/7. There will never be an instance where you come in, and there won’t be a doctor available.

Our facility offers all the services required to treat medical emergencies, including X-Rays, EKGs, CT Scans, pediatric care, and full-service diagnostic lab.

With Us Every Second Counts

During an emergency, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how long you will have to wait at the ER before you see a doctor.

Here at Altus Emergency Cents, we understand every second matters, which is why we take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

There is absolutely no time to wait in an emergency. We work hard to ensure every patient who comes to us in an emergency, is seen by a doctor right away.

There are no lines at our facility, and when you visit us, you will encounter some of the most caring individuals in the medical profession who just want to provide you with the best emergency care possible

Ease your mind knowing that here at Altus, we understand the urgency of your situation, and we will do everything in our power to make you happy and healthy again.[/vc_column_text][us_image_slider ids=”24354,24356,24373,24355,24372,24370,24371,24357″ fullscreen=”1″ autoplay=”1″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

With Us, You’ll Never Overpay

Nobody should lose sleep, trying to figure out how to pay for their emergency care.

At Altus, we revolutionized how ER’s work. To help make our patient’s lives a little easier after an emergency easier, we brought our billing in house.

As part of our commitment to taking care of the community, we hired doctors to work directly with us, and we negotiated down their doctor fees to ensure you never have to overpay for emergency care again.

If you ever have questions about your medical bill, we encourage you to please reach out to our friendly, expert Patient Advocates.

Our Patient Advocates are here to help you get the most from your insurance coverage. Please call or email them now if you have recently received a medical bill.

The staff of Altus Emergency at Waxahachie is proud of the service provided to members of these communities, and we vow to continue improving to better serve you for years to come.[/vc_column_text][us_cta title=”Know Where to Go in Case of an Emergency.” btn_label=”FIND AN ER” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Faltusemergency.com%2Ffind-an-emergency-room-near-me-find-an-er%2F”][/us_cta][/vc_column][/vc_row]