Thank You Marian Skinner – RN & Director of Quality Assurance Retires



After an Amazing Ten Years at Altus Emergency Centers, Marian Skinner, genuine Pillar of the ER Industry is Retiring.

Marian Skinner, a RN responsible for Quality & Risk Management at Altus Emergency Centers has retired after ten glorious years of exemplary service. In honor of Marian’s Retirement, We’d like to extend a Warm and Heartfelt “Thank You Marian!” from all of us at Altus Emergency Centers. You have made us better professional and better people. We will miss you dearly and treasure the memories of the times we shared. We laughed, cried, argued, prayed, forgave and above all, learned from you. You are and will always be an example of the best of the ER industry and as an amazing human being as a whole. Thank you Marian for being YOU!

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Marian’s Retirement Altus ER Celebration

We all had a great time saying farewell, to a great professional, coworker, mentor and friend, Marian Skinner. The event was a mixture of fun and nostalgia. The Altus ER Staff enjoyed food, fun, laughter and tears during Marian’s Retirement Celebration. The highlight of the event was the Marian Retirement Video in which all had the honor of sharing a personal farewell and best wishes to Marian on her retirement. Thank you Marian! We’ll miss you!

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Messages to Marian

Marian Skinner caused a lasting impression on the Altus Emergency Staff. The video speaks of itself. The following are excerpts on Staff Quotes taken from the “Thank You Marian Video”:

Garrett Syphrett

“You are my Catholic mother…keeping me on the straight and narrow path. Everything I’ve needed and I you’ve ever needed, we’ve worked well together.”

Nick Duplan

“Marian, I hope you enjoy your time and I love you a lot.”

Richelle Blackburn

“We’re going to miss you like crazy. You’ve been my greatest friend, my strongest ally, my biggest supporter. You’re always there to encourage me, to lead me in the right direction…answered to all my questions… I’m still going to have to call you for those pow wow sessions…”

Kevin Garner

“Marian, you’re not allowed to retire… Thank you very much for all of the guidance, mothering and emotional support…”

Lorrie Soffes

“You know how I feel. You are my best friend, I love you.”

Lauren Frazier

“You will truly be missed… Very kind, warm and supportive. You definitely made sure that I understood that you appreciated what I was doing and encouraged me. Small tidbits and words of wisdom…I thank you for them. Straight shooter and honest personality.”

Kim Bowling

“You’ve made a lasting impression on me… A scripture verse that stuck with me, Let nothing be done through strength and glory. Love you!”

Lisa Huebele

“…The best thing that I liked about you is that you were always cheerful. You always had a smile on your face and just so positive about everything…”

Kelly Curtis

“We are going to miss your sweet smile…”

Mary Royal

“From 2007 until today, Marian, you’ve been an amazing voice of encouragement to me. You’ve prayed for me and my family… You were the angel that shadowed over me… You would always smile, you would always say something nice…”

Bradley Jackson

“I owe my career in healthcare to you. I am grateful for you and your leadership and kindness…”

Reagan Gillespie

“You’re an awesome woman… Thank you for being you… Thank you for being a Proverbs 35 woman during these last nine years. Thank you for strengthening all of us in helping us get through each day…being a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen…”

Kris Jenkins

“It has been a pleasure and honor to work with you for these nine years… I’m really going to miss your leadership, your guidance and your expertise and your support…most of all your love and support… You kept us out of trouble… You’re family to me…”

Kevin Herrington

“Thanks for all the years of support that you’ve given me… I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You were here when it started, you where here throughout all of the difficult times. Thank you for everything in my personal life that you’ve helped me with… You’ve been the buffer…”

Christia Malonga

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done for the company and for being such great help when we had our new point orientation in Waxahachie…”

Obi Ononobi

“Thank you all that you’ve done for me. The past four years that I’ve been at Altus you’ve been a big support for me… You’re still family…”

Sandy Page

“Thank for all of your help being a great resource…”

Gay-Lynn Jones

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the years working together…”

Amir Bashiri

“Thank you for everything you taught me, I gained a lot of knowledge working with you. I’ve always considered you a friend and a mentor…”

Nathan Willis

“I’ll always remember the laughs and jokes that we had to share. You’ve always taught me to be honest and straight up and just encouraged me in everything I do and that’s the reason why I’m always prepared and ready…”

Melissa Williamson

“In the past three plus years, I’ve learned more from you than anyone in my entire nursing career. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. You always had everyone’s best interest at heart and you truly want everyone to succeed. Altus is truly missing the most valued employee they have ever had… I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Lisa Lawler

“You have been a blessing to work with and I thank you for your guidance and your encouragement that you’ve shown me directly. You’ve helped me and so many other coworkers…”

Kris DeVries

“…You have made me be a better manager and for that I thank you… You’ve made us all better, better at our jobs and better people…”

Justin Smith

“I appreciate you and very thankful to work with you for the last, probably going on ten years now. You’ve helped me a lot in my professional career…you always had the right things to say at the right time and always were an encouragement to me…”

Dane Anne Davis

“Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and for all that you’ve taught me… You’ve become a sister that I have never had.”

Thank You! From All of Us at
Altus Emergency Centers!


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