Understanding the Basics of Venous Blood Gas Testing

Venous Blood Gas Test

This is a blood test that specifically measures the levels of blood gases, acids, and bases within one’s blood. The blood for this test is often taken from the veins on a person’s arm and does not require a person to alter their diet. Also, these tests are often done when a person has an injury that causes them to suffer difficulties in breathing. Venous blood gas test help in proving:

  • Whether vital organs such as the kidney and lungs are functioning properly
  • Whether the blood contains the right balances of acids and bases
  • Whether a person is getting enough oxygen
  • Whether the body can get rid of enough carbon dioxide

It is important to have your blood gas test done by a trained health care provider in a hospital, clinical laboratory, emergency room, or a “walk in clinic.” As a result, you will be convinced that the results of the test are truly yours because all blood specimens are handled with caution, and free from contamination.

Understanding A Blood Gas Test

It is impossible to see the components of your blood using your physical eyes. As a transport mechanism for the body, the blood interacts with various things. For instance, the red blood cells have the responsibility of transporting blood gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Nutrients, minerals, and waste are other products being transported by blood.

Blood gas tests are analysis procedures taken to determine the number of blood gases, acidity, and PH within a person’s system. In addition, blood gas tests help in analyzing the lung’s ability to remove carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. This is the reason why doctors rely on blood tests to determine the presence of medical conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Poisoning
  • Kidney failure
  • Drug overdose

How Often Should You Perform A Blood Test?

If you want to observe how your body changes and adapts to certain situations and be able to make informed decisions with regards to your health, it is important that you undergo frequent blood tests. Doctors recommend a person have at least one annual blood test. However, certain scenarios require a person to undergo frequent tests. These include:

  • Displaying symptoms of sickness: if you are experiencing unusual yet persistent symptoms, you should seek emergency care services immediately and undergo a blood gas test
  • Optimizing your health: whenever you want to make certain adjustments that will optimize your health such as changing your diet, undergoing a blood test is necessary to determine any allergies or underlying conditions.
  • Monitoring preexisting conditions: For individuals living with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, undergoing frequent blood test enables them to monitor the progress of their condition

Other Important Blood Tests

A blood test is a broad procedure that is not only limited to PH, and blood gas. Rather, it may include the analysis of one’s sexual health, nutrient levels, blood count, blood type, enzyme makers among others. Notably, every activity performed by man including eating, working, exercising, sleeping, fasting among others significantly affects one’s health. Other important blood tests to perform include:

  • Basic Metabolic Panel Test: this test analyses the levels of minerals and components such as potassium, calcium, electrolytes among others in the blood.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Test: This is a test that examines a person’s sexual and reproductive health through the use of blood and urine.

Generally, blood tests serve as a unique way of detecting allergies and illnesses while monitoring how the body responds to certain medications. Therefore, you should consider undergoing a blood test at least once a year. Talk to your doctor to determine the best tests that are suitable for optimizing your health or visit any emergency room near you for more clarification.

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