Waxahachie August Employee Highlight


An Interview with the Waxahachie Rad Tech, Cody Brown

Introducing – Cody Brown.

In August, our employee highlight for Waxahachie is Cody Brown our ER Rad Tech. Emergency radiology is an important subspecialty of medicine that has helped save countless lives in our emergency centers.

Here are a few details about what Cody Brown is like:

Our August employee highlight for Waxahachie is the latest in the series of Altus Staff articles dedicated to the amazing people behind what is #TeamAltusER.

Q. Favorite part of working at Altus?

A. The family vibe we have here and the opportunity to do all types of tasks when it comes to patient care. In addition to radiology, I get to start IVs, splint fractures, assist in procedures with the doctors and perform a wide range of lab testing.

Q. What is your Favorite Restaurant?
A. El Mexicano Grill In Waxahachie

Q. What can you not resist?
A. Dessert!

Q. An ability you wish you had?
A. I wish I could speak multiple languages

Q. Favorite Movie?
A. Remember the Titans

Q. Favorite music?
A. I like most types of music

Thank you, Cody Brown for all that you do!