Employee Highlight Katie Lucas, Credentialing Department - Altus ER

Employee Highlight Katie Lucas, Credentialing Department

Employee Highlight - Katie Lucas, the Heart of Our Credentialing Department

Employee Highlight – Katie Lucas, the Heart of Our Credentialing Department

When patients visit one of our facilities, they trust us to ensure our staff is qualified and dully licensed to practice medicine and that the doctor or nurse taking care of them is the best at what they do.

That responsibility falls on the unsung heroes of our credentialing department. Their job is to make sure that everyone working at our centers has the proper certification, license, or credential that allows them to practice in the state of Texas.

Additionally, they are responsible for vetting providers to guarantee they comply with all legal requirements to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Katie Lucas is not only a credentialing assistant; she is the heart of the department. Friendly, caring, generous, and dedicated to her job, Katie has become an invaluable member of our work family, and we are grateful to have her with us.

We wanted to know a little more about Katie and her role within Altus, so we sat down with her to ask a few questions.

An Interview with Employee Highlight Katie Lucas

We enjoyed a lovely chat with Katie while she shared about her vision, purpose, family, and becoming a new mom. The following are some highlights of our interview with Katie.

Q: What do you do at Altus?”

A:  Katie

I am the credentialing assistant. I work with Richelle to create and keep up-to-date files for providers who request work for our Hospital and ER locations. Additionally, we ensure the physicians are properly licensed and certified to work in the state of Texas and make sure that they can provide excellent quality care.


Q: “How do you think this makes a difference in patients’ lives?”

A:  Katie

By making sure our Physicians/Providers are suitably licensed and certified, our patients can rest easy and feel safe and comfortable in our facilities, knowing they will receive the best care possible.


Q: “How long have you been at Altus?”

A:  Katie

I started working at Altus in 2012 when I was only 16 in the Medical Records department. I later moved to the Credentialing department in 2016 and have been here ever since.”


Q: “What is your favorite part about working for Altus?

A:  Katie

Because I’ve been with Altus for so many years, my favorite thing about working here is the friendships we have. Altus is like a second family to me and not just a job.”


Q: “What do you do when you are not working at Altus?

A:  Katie

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.”


Q: “How does it feel to be a new mom?”

A:  Katie

My twins are an absolute blessing! It’s tiring but at the same time so rewarding, and I love every minute of it.”


Thank you, Katie Lucas for all that you do!

Thank you, Katie, for the extraordinary work you do in our Credentialing department!

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