Winter Safety Tips for Kids

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Winter Safety Tips for Kids

The recent winter storms have taken many of us by surprise. Unfortunately, when the weather suddenly turns cold, kids face new dangers that we as parents need to be aware of so we can protect them.

But just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean our young ones can’t enjoy themselves. These winter safety tips will help keep your children warm and healthy through the cold weather season.

The Power of Layers

Keeping your child warm is the number one priority. If your children are playing outside or going to school, make sure to dress them in layers. This way, they can remove their coats while inside and still be comfortable.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing young children and babies in one more layer than you would wear in the same conditions.

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Perfect Time to Accessorise

We’re not talking about your kids becoming fashion icons, although they can if they want to. But cold-weather accessories like gloves, scarfs, and warm boots are an excellent way to keep them comfortable

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Know Where to Go in Case of an Emergency.

Beware of Clothing Hazards

Avoid using clothing with strings or ties like hoodies on small children as these can pose a choking hazard. If you can’t find options without them, then remove the strings, cords, or ties.

Scarfs can also be a hazard for young children. To keep them warm, try using neck warmers instead of scarves.

Additionally, if the weather is cold and damp, make sure to remove wet clothes and shoes immediately. Staying in wet garments can lead to hypothermia

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Bring the Fun Indoors

If the weather is frigid, it’s best to bring the fun indoors. Try to limit the time your kids play outside, and instead think of fun activities for them to do at home. For example, try baking cookies with them, or doing family game night.

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Make Your Home a Safe Haven

Your home needs to be a warm and cozy refuge for your family, which means taking all necessary precautions.

During cold weather, you need to beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid a tragedy, please check your heating devices to make sure they are working correctly and not emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Just as important, take all necessary measures to prevent an accidental burn injury. Place a barrier around fireplaces such as baby gates to prevent burns.

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Wear Sunscreen and Keep Hydrated

Children can still get sunburned during a winter spell, and it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated during these winter spells too.

Make sure to apply sunscreen on their faces before they go outside to avoid skin damage.

Additionally, cold, dry air can lead to your children losing water as they breathe. Therefore, they need to replenish fluids frequently even if they are not sweating. Soups and hot beverages are excellent options to keep them warm and hydrated.

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Preventing Colds and Other Respiratory Infections

When the weather outside turns cold, the risk of coming down with a cold or flu also increases. But you can help keep your children safe by:

  • Washing their hands with soap and water regularly
  • Teaching them to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough
  • Don’t send them to school if they are feeling unwell
  • Keep them away from other sick children
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When to Go to the ER

Please bring your child to the nearest Altus ER if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • They are having trouble breathing
  • They have a high fever that won’t come down with medication
  • They fell and hit their head
  • Your baby is not urinating enough
  • Your child is sluggish

Winter is a beautiful time of year. And with a bit of planning and some extra precautions, you and your family can be ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Altus Emergency Centers will continue to be here for the community helping to save lives. However, we urge you to please do what is in your power to keep your family safe. Remember, prevention is always the best option.

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