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Dr. Robert Velarde M.D.

Medical Director of Altus Emergency Center Baytown

Medical Director

Dr. Robert Velarde is a highly-skilled physician with more than 14 years of experience. As a renowned ER physician, Robert is known for his dedication, ability to make decisions under pressure, and attention to detail for each patient’s case.

Licensed in both Florida and Texas, Dr. Robert Velarde joined Altus Health in 2019 as Medical Director for our Baytown facility after working in some of the top medical facilities in Texas. Because he is passionate about his patients, Dr. Velarde is also one of our Emergency Room physicians.

As Medical Director, he is directly responsible for coordinating the efforts of the different departments, including nursing leadership, ER physicians, and hospital administrators, developing, updating, and implementing departmental policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure our ED care consistently meets the highest quality ER care standards.

Dr. Robert Velarde takes pride in offering patients the best possible experience. He is known to ask poignant questions such as, how would I treat my daughter? Or is this the type of care my wife deserves? When investigating patient complaints or grievances related to patient care.

A deeply reflecting man, Robert often spends time evaluating his life experiences to gain perspective and reveal core values and genuine priorities in his professional and personal life. This exercise allows him to review the crucial decisions made to save lives and ultimately become a better person and physician.

Originally from Cochabamba, Bolivia, Dr. Velarde finished his medical school studies at UCLA and completed his residency at Memorial Hermann Medical Center and LBJ hospital.

He met his beautiful wife Grace while starting medical school in Bolivia. They came to the U.S. with their son to finish medical school. They now have two amazing children, son Robert Jr. and daughter Mia. They love traveling as a family and spending time at the beach. When not at work, Robert enjoys grilling at home, watching movies, and going for a walk.

Degrees: M.D.

Areas of Expertise: Emergency Medicine

Experience: 14 years as a medical doctor, three years with Altus Health


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