Sara Berryhill

Sara Berryhill, RN

Nurse Manager

Sara Berryhill is a compassionate, accomplished, and highly skilled emergency nurse.

She has been a member of the nursing staff at Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie since it opened its doors five years ago. But her nursing career spans more than 18 years. Before joining Altus, she worked in hospital emergency departments in various roles, from direct patient care, trauma, and triage, eventually moving up to charge nurse, preceptor, and participating in PEER review groups.

As Nurse Manager at Altus Emergency Centers, Sara is responsible for ensuring the clinical staff has all the necessary resources at their disposal to provide quality care to all patients. Additionally, she prepares quality improvement reports, oversees scheduling, and orders supplies and medications. Despite the managerial demands of her position, she still makes time to pursue her true passion of caring for patients and their families.

Sara is a very effective communicator who can bring staff members from different backgrounds and personalities together, improving work relationships, and elevating the service standards. Her most recognized traits are her immeasurable compassion and personal and professional integrity.

She credits her mother, a former nurse, for instilling and inspiring her passion for helping patients and their families. From an early age, Sara knew her calling was to become a nurse, despite knowing how challenging and emotionally taxing the job can be. Her true motivation is knowing she can make a difference in someone’s life during a hard or painful time.

Sara is a Waxahachie native. Happily married for 11 years, she is the proud mother of five beautiful children – three boys and two girls with whom she loves spending time.

Although a skilled professional, Sara has a lighter, fun side. When not at work, she loves gardening, camping, painting, bowling, and listening to ’80s and 90’s music and movies. But her guilty pleasure is binge-watching space and astronomy-related documentaries.

  • Degree: RN
  • Areas of Expertise: ER Nursing, Nursing Management
  • Experience:18 years in nursing, 5 with Altus Emergency Centers

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