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    Lake Jackson ER is one of the four ER centers of the Altus Emergency Center group.

    Having opened it’s ER facilities on April 14th, 2014, this family oriented emergency room is proud to be an active member lovely Lake Jackson community. In tune with the Altus tradition, Lake Jackson ER provides award-winning quality ER services and employs the most caring and experienced ER Healthcare Staff including ER technicians, ER nurses and board-certified doctors.

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    Beyond the Emergency Room: Lake Jackson, TX

    Altus ER, helps pave the path to a better future for the Lake Jackson community! Altus goes way beyond providing the top quality in ER in the Lake Jackson, TX region, it enriches the community. From donations to flood victims to the promotion of better health and cancer awareness, Altus Emergency Center Lake Jackson works to help promote a happy and healthy Lake Jackson and surrounding communities. This caring group of emergency room staff come together with other organizations and community groups like Habitat for Humanity, SPCA, Lake Jackson Police Association, Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce, Brazoria County Women’s Center, Freeport Intermediate Health Fair and Color Run to bring about a happier and healthier population. Altus Emergency Center Lake Jackson ER is proud to be a part of the beautiful Lake Jackson, Angleton and Brazoria family.

    Lake Jackson ER – Altus Emergency Center

    Providing Affordable Access to a Fully Equipped Facility.

    Like all other Altus Emergency Centers, the Lake Jackson Emergency Room owes its excellence due to its highly experienced team of healthcare and emergency experts, technicians, nurses, and board-certified physicians.

    The Lake Jackson emergency center makes the most innovative technologies in CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds and a full-service diagnostic lab accessible. Located on 200 Oak Drive South, Altus Emergency Center is open twenty-fou.

    No Surprise Medical Bills Here!

    Rest assured that at Altus Emergency Center in Lake Jackson you enjoy Hassle-Free Medical Billing. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, we’ll be happy to help! Please feel free to contact the Patient Advocate.