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Staff Promotions Announced

Staff Promotions Announced

Important Staff Promotions Announced

We are pleased to announce the staff promotions of our key leadership.  Two staff members are transitioning to new roles to elevate the Altus facilities.

Obinna Ononobi, MBA, MHA

Obinna Ononobi, MBA, MHA

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Strategy

Richelle Blackburn

Vice President of Operations

Implications of Our Recent Staff Promotions

Congratulations to our all-star, Obinna Ononobi, for your recent promotion to becoming Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Strategy!  The following was his reaction about the recent role change within one of the finest healthcare organizations of Texas:


Q:  What does this role change mean?

A:  This means, I am responsible for the business growth and overall brand development for Altus ERs and Hospital.


Q: What responsibilities come with this? In other words, what is the different job description?

A:  In my new role, as the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Strategy, I will partner with senior leadership in leading multiple ERs and Hospital. My primary responsibility will be cultivating strategic partnership and developing growth agendas and will be intimately involved in the hospital’s/ERs strategic planning, capital planning, Marketing and physician relations. I will continue to have complete oversight of Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie.


Q:   What is a great quote to summarize your reaction to when you first heard this great news?

A:  “Onward and upward”

We are equally thrilled to congratulate the lovely Richelle Blackburn, for her recent promotion to Vice President of Operations.  With twenty nine years in the healthcare industry, this excellent lady genuinely puts her heart into ensuring the care of each patient that comes through the Altus locations.  The following is her reaction to her new role:


Q:  How would you summarize your new role?

A:  With the promotion to VP of Operations, I will be responsible for operations at each of our ER’s and the Hospital. 


Q:  What type of opportunities do you foresee in the future?

A:  This promotion provides me the opportunity to continue to provide positive leadership at all our facilities.  

Congratuations to both Obi and Richelle for their recent staff promotions.  We are very much looking forward towards witnessing the positive impact your new roles will have on the healthcare of our communities.  At Altus, it is our mission to continuously strive for ensuring the best possible access to healthcare for all ages.  Thank you to all of the healthcare heroes of Altus.  A much deserved round of applause for each and every one of you!

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