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Children’s Eye Health and Safety: Safeguard Your Child’s Eyesight

Children’s Eye Health and Safety: Warning Signs and Injury Prevention Tips

Now that our kiddos are back in school, they will be exposed to many new experiences.  It’s important to keep them safe during these years of exploration and formation to prevent potential injuries and health issues.  However, the subject of children’s eye and health safety usually does not get the importance that it deserves.  Most parents have a myriad of issues to worry about but do not think that their child could lose their eye sight.  Unfortunately, according to statistics, during the year 2015, a total of 61,739 children of school age up to 21 years old were reported to have sustained some type of vision loss by pertinent agencies including state departments of education.

Altus Emergency Centers is committed to educating our communities about children’s eye health in safety in order to recognize the warning signs of child vision loss and most importantly preventing it.


Know the Signs of Alert


Children’s Eye Health and Safety:
Warning Signs

Very few people have 20/20 vision.  Many must use eye glasses, contact lenses or get eye surgery to correct their vision impairment.  However, if you do not practice proper children’s eye health and safety, a moderate vision issue can become more severe over time if left untreated.  If your child frequently displays the following signs it could signify they have a vision problem.

  • Rubs eyes frequently – complains of itchy, scratchy, or burning eyes

  • Closes or covers one eye

  • Tilts or thrusts head forward

  • Has trouble reading or doing close-up work

  • After performing some close-up task has a headache, feels sick, nauseated, or dizzy

  • Squints eyes or frowns frequently

  • They frequently complain that they are having problems understanding what their teacher writes on the classroom board.


Most common eyesight problems in children


Our interest in Children’s Eye Health and Safety coincides with the start of the new school year.  If you haven’t already, we recommend you have your child’s eyes thoroughly examined by a professional.

Vision plays an important role in a child’s development, and studies have put in evidence that vision problems can affect a child’s mental, physical, social, and learning abilities, this means that early detection and correction are imperative to the well-being of a child.

Children’s Eye Health and Safety: The most common eye problems in children


Commonly known as lazy eye, it is the leading cause of decreased vision among children. The condition develops when nerve pathways between the brain and the eye aren’t properly stimulated during infancy. Treatment options may include eye patches, eye drops, eyeglasses, or contact lenses and in some cases surgery.


This condition is what we normally refer to as crossed eyes, a child with this condition will have eyes that do not line properly, there is no known cause for this condition but it is believed to be genetic. In most cases, strabismus can be corrected with the use of eyeglasses or surgery.

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. There are different types of refractive errors the most common in children are:

  • Myopia or nearsightedness: With this condition, objects that are close can be seen clearly, while objects that are far will seem blurry.

  • Hyperopia or farsightedness: In this case objects that are a certain distance away can be viewed clearly, while objects that are close by will be blurry. However, people experience farsightedness differently, some patients especially younger ones, may not notice any problems with their vision, while others with severe hyperopia will have blurry vision regardless of distance.

  • Astigmatism: This condition prevents the eye from evenly focusing light on the retina which is the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. As a result, vision will be blurry and may seem stretched out.

All refractive errors in children can be treated with the use of prescription eyeglasses, or contact lenses.

Preventing Eye Injuries


A major part of Children’s Eye Health and Safety is injury prevention.  Aside from the conditions mentioned, one of the leading causes of child vision loss is injuries. Most injuries occur at home, in the car, school or while playing outside. Experts believe that more than 90% of eye injuries sustained by children could have been prevented by the use of protective eyewear.

Here are some ways you can prevent eye injuries in kids.

  • Children who play sports like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis or even paintball, should wear protective eye gear made from polycarbonate lenses.

  • Keep sprays and chemicals out of reach from small children.

  • Kids doing yard work or helping with house repairs or projects should also wear protective eyewear.

  • Avoid purchasing projectile style toys such as darts, or missile-firing toys.

  • Only purchase toys which are marked “ASTM”, this means the toy complies with the national safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials

  • Prevent your children from playing with BB guns, non-powder rifles, pellet guns, rockets, or fireworks.

Step to Take if an Eye Injury Occurs


What should I do if my child sustains an eye injury?

The eye is a particularly delicate organ.  Should your child suffer an eye injury, you should immediately transport him or her to the nearest Altus Emergency Center for treatment.

In addition, you should avoid doing the following:

  • Do not touch, rub, or apply pressure to the injured eye.

  • Do not attempt to remove any object that is currently stuck in the eye.

  • Do not apply any type of ointment or medication to the eye.

  • Cuts or puncture wounds should be gently covered, do not apply pressure.

  • In the event of a chemical exposure, rinse with water.

There is no need to call ahead of time when you are in route to our facilities, as there is minimal to no wait times at any of our ER centers.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones.


Practice Good Children’s Eye Health and Safety!

This is a great opportunity to apply what you have learned about proper children’s eye health and safety and pay close attention to your child’s vision.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you in the event of a medical emergency. Don’t drive far distances to receive proper care! Visit your nearest Altus Emergency Center!

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Waxahachie Director – Obinna Ononobi

Meet the Waxahachie Director: Obinna Ononobi, MBA, MHA

Introducing the Waxahachie Director of Operations and Development of Altus Emergency Center

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie, the newest addition to the Altus Emergency family went operational. Under the leadership of Obinna “Obi” Onnonobi, the Waxahachie Director of Operations and Development, this high quality 24/7 Freestanding Emergency Center has blossomed into an important asset to the Waxahachie community.

As many will imagine, coming into a new community can be a major challenge, which is why Kevin Herrington, President of Altus Emergency Centers, knew that Obi was the right person for the job.

Everyone loves Obi…We can place him anywhere and he will get the job done. Kevin Herrington

Obinna Ononobi and his staff have won over the hearts of the Waxahachie community with his great sense of initiative, leadership, commitment and solid values. We invite everyone to get to know the man behind the kind smile. Meet the Waxahachie Director is dedicated to the amazing leadership behind Altus ER, they are the pillars of the Altus Emergency Centers.

Studies, Career & Personal Life


A Broad Spectrum of Knowledge & Experience

Obinna Ononobi, the Waxahachie Director of Operations and Development, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Marketing from Abilene Christian University before obtaining dual degrees, Master’s in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration at Dallas Baptist University. Obi played football back in college and has definitely maintained his team player mentality over the years.


During his internship, Obinna received ample hands on experience with research and applied knowledge that helped prepare him for his role as the Waxahachie Director. Obi was selected for a residency program in Connecticut with Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA). During this period he was involved in a Connecticut Public Health Strategic Analysis Project, whose purpose was to shape future public health policy, resource allocations, as well as identification of areas in need of improvement. This 140-page Statewide Health Profile was created for distribution to all member hospitals, state and local public health departments, policy makers, FQHC, professional associations and other stakeholders. The document served as the authoritative template for member hospitals, local health departments in their own analysis of health indicators; aligned with HHS Healthy People 2020 initiative as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The future director of Waxahachie also lead the analysis of Emergency Department (ED) utilization for dental care in Connecticut to provide perspectives on geographic and social economic utilization of emergency and preventative care at hospital EDs. The project created a benchmark and guidelines for policy making to effect change in reimbursement, access, and specific program developed to a high-risk population. This report was a joint project between the Connecticut Hospital Association and the Connecticut Department of Public Health; published Spring 2013.


Professional Background

After his residency at CHA and working as a consultant thereafter, Obinna initiated with Altus Health under the Executive Fellowship Program under the mentorship of Kevin Herrington, who currently is the President of Altus Emergency Centers and Executive Vice President of Development – Healthcare Division ZT Wealth and ACHE Fellow. After having completed the rigorous Fellowship Program, a Healthcare Executive Development program to create well-rounded Altus Professionals, Obinna was placed in the leadership role of managing both operations and marketing for Altus Emergency Lake Jackson before elevating to a position in the development of all Altus Emergency Centers. Currently, Obi is the Waxahachie Director of Operations and Development.


Recipient of the Forty Under 40 Award

Obinna Ononobi was honored to recently receive the “40-Under-40” Award for his superlative role as the Waxahachie Director. This new awards program created by the Waxahachie Daily Light and Midlothian Mirror highlights “40 young professionals who demonstrate excellence in the workplace, classroom, community or organization.”

“The staff and I are very proud of Obi and all his accomplishments, he is truly a great person to work for and always puts others before himself. He very deserving of this award.” – Christia Malonga.

Obi was selected to receive the award this year along with other 40 elite professionals who were selected as the “best and brightest young leaders in Ellis County.”


The Family Man

Obinna Ononobi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. After having become the recipient of a visa lottery, he immigrated to the United States at seven years of age. As a young child, Obinna and his family settled into the Dallas-Ft. Worth area where he grew up. Obi’s hobbies include: sports, working out, reading and traveling. The Waxahachie Director cherishes spending quality time with his family as well as being proactively involved in community service activities with local churches.

An Interview With Obi

We were happy to have the opportunity to chat with Obinna to get to know the man behind the kind smile. The following are some highlights of our interview with Obi.

Q: “Why did you decide to go into healthcare administration?”

A: Obi

After my second trip to Haiti and seeing how healthcare was just for the rich, I decided the healthcare route was the right career path to follow. This gave me an avenue not to only help people, but also enter a challenging career path.”

I like to be challenged. – Obi

Q: “What or who has been your biggest influence or your mentor?”

A: Obi

My biggest influences have been my parents. They really set a firm foundation for the person I am today. A foundation that has taken me this far in my career.


Q: “What would you consider are your biggest accomplishments?”

A: Obi

“I’m the first person to go to business school in my family. I’m also proud of having received the Ellis County 40 under 40 Executives Award.”

Q: “What do you love most about working with Altus ER?”

A: Obi

“I like that Altus is not like any other Healthcare System, they stay ahead of the game. I love that I can be involved in many different aspects of healthcare and not tied down to just one area. This opens the door to a lot of opportunities.

Altus creates opportunities. – Obi

Q: “Who is the Waxahachie Director at Home?”

A: Obi

I live in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. I love being so close to my family. I haven’t lived this close to my family in like 8 years.

I am a Christian first, a husband second, and a Healthcare Executive third. – Obi

“I love Jesus! I love attending church as well. Also, I am a newlywed! We’ve been married for less than 3 months. The emergency room runs on both sides. My wife is an ER nurse at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.”

I run a healthcare facility for work, but at home, I am just an assistant. lol. – Obi


Now We Know Why Obi is the Best!

We’re proud to have healthcare executives like Obi on our Altus Team who are not only prestigious professionals but excellent people as well. Thank you, Obi, for being a noble leader that everyone looks up to! Follow Obinna Ononobi through hashtag: #EveryoneLovesObi.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we’re honored to be a part of the Waxahachie community. Thank you for entrusting us with providing care for your friends and family. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you in the event of a medical emergency. Don’t drive far distances to receive proper care! Visit Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie!

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Flood Recovery Safety Tips

Flood Recovery Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Flood Recovery Safety: Prevention & Treatment Tips

The devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of displaced families who are just now returning to their homes to assess the extent of the damages.

Our hearts go out to those who, one way or another have been affected by this terrible natural disaster, and reiterate our commitment to safeguarding the health of the members of our communities.

Now that the flood waters have receded in most counties, and people are preparing to go back to their homes, we would like to share some important flood recovery safety tips for homeowners and volunteers.

Flood Recovery Safety Tips to Prevent Skin Injuries

Flood recovery safety is necessary to avoid potential cuts and scrapes that are common when re-entering damaged homes.  Most of occur when clearing debris or moving furniture and other household items.

Preventing Skin Injuries

  • Wear appropriate clothing, long pants, long sleeve t-shirts are recommended when possible.

  • Wear well-fitting closed footwear, rubber or construction boots are ideal if you don’t have these sneakers will work, avoid wearing sandals.

  • Wear protective gloves, waterproof gloves are best, but even rubber gloves will serve to protect your hands.

Treating Skin Injuries

  • Wash the wound with clean water and soap as soon as possible.

  • Remove any particles that might become lodged in the skin.

  • Keep the wound covered to avoid contamination. If you see swelling, redness or if your wound starts to ooze, seek medical attention.

  • If you are experiencing profuse bleeding, apply pressure to the wound area and drive to the nearest Altus Emergency Center for medical assistance.

  • A Tetanus booster shot may be in order.

Flood Recovery Safety to Avoid Orthopedic Injuries

With so much debris around, there is a high risk of trips, falls and stumbles which result in minor orthopedic injuries such as sprains and strains. However, in some cases, the injury may involve broken bones.  Often, the difference between a minor or a major orthopedic injury is unclear, please seek immediate medical attention.

Preventing Orthopedic Injuries

  • Use proper lifting techniques, lift with your knees, not with your back.

  • Assess the terrain in and around your home, before you step on wooden planks or other debris.  This way, you will make sure they are not loose and are sturdy enough to carry your weight.

  • If you have weak joints, wear appropriate knee, ankle, or wrist braces to support your joints.

Treating Orthopedic Injuries

  • If you twist, sprain, or strain some part of your body, put ice on the injury to avoid swelling.

  • If the joint has already started to swell, elevate it to prevent or slow down the swelling.

  • In the event of a strain, stretching exercises will help to alleviate the pain.

  • Ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen will ease the pain may ease the pain in minor injuries.

  • If you suspect that you have a fractured bone or you experience a severe pain, please rush to the nearest Altus Emergency Center for treatment.


Power Tools and Flood Recovery Safety


During the flood recovery period, many will be repairing their homes which require the use of power tools.  Inappropriate use of home repair equipment may result in serious injuries.

Preventing Power Tool Injuries

  • Wear protective gear, goggles, gloves, headphones, etc.

  • Saws should be used on a firm surface that will not slip or fall while operating it.

  • Nail guns should be used with extreme caution.

Treating Power Tool Injuries

  • Deep cuts and puncture injuries will require immediate medical attention. If this occurs to you or someone around you, wrap the wound in a clean cloth and apply pressure to stop the bleeding while you seek help.

Do not Risk Electrocution During Flood Recovery

Anytime water has been present anywhere near electrical circuits there is a high risk of electrocution. Damp electrical panels and outlets are prone to short circuits that may cause fires or electrocute anyone who comes into contact with them.

Preventing Electrical Hazards and Injuries

  • Watch out for downed power lines around your home.  If there is one within your property, contact your power company to verify the power line has been de-energized.

  • Do not plug in any equipment to outlets who were submerged during the flood.

  • Disconnect the main power supply to your home before you start removing appliances.

  • If a fire breaks out in your home due to a short circuit, evacuate the home immediately and contact the fire department or call 911.

  • Practice wise flood recovery safety by never attempting to repair or clear a damaged power line or switch box. This should only be done by qualified technicians.

Treating Electrical Injuries

Cases of electrical shocks always need emergency medical attention, even if the person appears to be fine afterward.

  • If someone has been electrocuted, the first step is to separate them from the power source.  First, make sure you are standing on a dry surface.  Then, always use non-conductive objects such as a dry wooden plank, plastic broom handle, a non-metallic chair, etc.

  • Rush the patient to the nearest Altus Emergency Center for er medical attention.


Rodents, Snakes, Insects, and Other Animals and Flood Recovery Safety


During a flood, humans are not the only ones who are displaced, wild animals will seek shelter wherever they can, and some may have taken refuge in your home or surrounding areas.

Preventing Injuries from Animal Attacks

  • Wear heavy leather gloves when clearing debris, snakes, and rodents may be living under it.

  • Always wear insect repellents that contain DEET or Picaridin.  It is vital to use insect repellent after a flood as there will be a proliferation of insects such as mites, ticks, and mosquitos, some of which spread dangerous viruses and diseases.

  • Wear long pants, socks, and long-sleeved shirts.

  • Wear boots that are at least 10 inches high

  • Avoid contact with live or dead wildlife, and wash your hands regularly.

Treating Snake and Insect Bites

  • Insect bites can be treated with over-the-counter medications that relieve pain and prevent infections.

  • Beware of fire ant colonies.  Their bites are extremely painful and can cause blisters or severe allergic reactions that include chest pain, nausea, trouble speaking, loss of breath and extreme swelling.  Should you or anyone around you experience any of these symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention.

  • If bitten by a snake, keep calm and still to slow the spread of the venom and rush to the nearest Altus Emergency Center to receive treatment. If possible take a picture of the snake so our doctors can apply the appropriate antidote.

Air Quality Hazards and Flood Recovery Safety

After a flood, the spread of mold is a factor that worries many, especially those who suffer from respiratory problems.

Preventing Air Quality Hazards

  • Always work in well-ventilated spaces.

  • Mold can develop within 24-48 hours of a flood.  You can control its growth by cleaning surfaces with a non-ammonia detergent or pine oil cleaner and disinfect with a 10% bleach solution. Caution: Never mix ammonia and bleach as the resulting fumes are highly toxic.

  • Never use power generators or water pumps inside as they release deadly carbon monoxide.

Treating Breathing problems

  • Mold can cause allergies and other respiratory problems, if you have been exposed to black mold, seek medical assistance.

  • If you suspect there has been a carbon monoxide poisoning, call 911 or rush to nearest Altus Emergency room.


Heat Injury Safety During Flood Recovery


Both heat stroke and heat exhaustion must be considered in flood recovery safety as they are real concerns.

Preventing Heat Injuries

  • Drink plenty of clean water.

  • Avoid being in direct sunlight between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm if possible.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Wear sunglasses.

Treating Heat Injuries

  • Take the individual to a cool place out of the sun and provide them with plenty of drinking water.

  • Replenish fluids with hydrating beverages rich in electrolytes such as Gatorade and similar sports drinks.

  • If the person becomes seriously disoriented or experiences a swelling of the tongue or difficulty speaking, rush them to the ER right away.

Water Contamination, Chemical and Biological Hazards During Flood Recovery

Water Contamination

Contaminated water can cause diarrhea, rashes, and host of other unpleasant symptoms.

Preventing Water Contamination Symptoms

  • If the water supply in your area has been contaminated, do not drink from it.

  • Avoid getting contaminated water in your eyes or open wounds.

  • Throw away any food that has been into contact with flood water.

  • Do not let children play in flood water puddles.

Treating Contaminated Water Symptoms

  • In the case of diarrhea, keep hydrated and take over the counter medication. If these do not stop the episode then seek medical attention.  Cases that involve small children and the elderly are particularly sensitive.  Please seek immediate emergency medical attention if your baby or toddler experiences diarrhea and/or vomiting accompanied by a fever.

  • If allergic skin reactions occur such as rash, it is best to have a doctor examine it.

  • Open wounds that have come in contact with contaminated waters should be seen a doctor as they could become infected by bacteria.


Chemical and Biological Hazards

There have been serious reports of chemical and biological spills in some areas, encountering these through flood waters, or inhaling toxic gases can prove fatal.

If you suspect you may have been exposed to any chemicals or biological hazards, get to the nearest Emergency Center right away.

Together We Will Heal From Hurricane Harvey

Stay Safe, Stay Together and Stay Strong Texas!

By heeding flood recovery safety tips you help prevent an additional tragedy from occurring.  Thank you for inspiring us with so many amazing people who have reached out to their fellow Texan during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.  This is a clear reflection of the big hearts that live in our great state of Texas.  Thank you to all of the first responders and volunteers that have pitched in to help.  Together, we will rebuild a bigger, better Texas!

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you in the event of a medical emergency. Don’t drive far distances to receive proper care! Visit your nearest Altus Emergency Center!

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National Safe at Home Week

Top Home Safety Tips for National Safe at Home Week

Avoiding Unintentional Home Injuries

National Safe at Home Week, celebrated in August is a great time to prevent potential accidents at home.  According to the latest statistics from the Home Safety Council, every year some 18,000 people in the United States lose their lives due to injuries sustained at home. In addition, there are some 21 million yearly doctor and emergency center visits to treat home accident victims.

Sadly, most of these accidents that result in death or severe injury are preventable. Both the medical and administrative staff of Altus Emergency Centers have seen firsthand how devastating these incidents can be for families. 

We celebrate National Safe at Home Week, by sharing with you some important precautions that can be very easily implemented to safeguard your family.



A Recipe for Safety


National Safe at Home Week:
Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Do not leave children unattended in the kitchen even if it’s for a few minutes especially if you are cooking.
  • Keep flammable objects away from open flame appliances as gas stoves and ovens, as well as other heat sources like toasters, electric cooktops, portable heaters, etc.
  • Use cleaning solutions with extreme care, make sure to wipe surfaces well to avoid accidental poisoning, and when cleaning ovens or stovetops make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room.
  • Properly store harmful products such as cleaners and keep them out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave sharp kitchen utensils like knives, and scissors unattended, and make sure to put them back where they belong once you are done using them.
  • Leave plenty of space between appliances to allow proper ventilation and minimize the risk of them overheating.
  • Electrical cords should be kept away from heat sources.

Rub a Dub, Dub Safety


National Safe at Home Week:
Bathroom Safety Tips

  • Keep the bathroom as clean as possible, mold can cause severe respiratory distress.
  • Hair dryers, curlers, and irons as well as electric razors should be kept and or used at a safe distance from water.
  • Use non-slip bathroom rugs and mats to avoid slipping.
  • Keep shampoos, soaps, creams, and perfumes out of reach of children.


The Banana Peel Trick is Not a Laughing Matter


National Safe at Home Week:
Staircase and Floor Safety Tips

Falls are the leading cause of home injury deaths claiming an average of 6,000 lives every year. Young children and adults over the age of 65 are especially vulnerable to falls in the home.

  • Keep floors clean, free of obstacles and dry, especially on high traffic areas and stairs.
  • Install stable and sturdy railing on all staircases in your home, including those on your deck and front porch.
  • Distance between spindles on your staircase should be narrow enough to prevent children and pets from accidentally falling through, the rule of thumb on this is 4 inches or less between spindles.
  • Every room in the house should be properly lit to ensure complete visibility.

Keep Your Garage Clean and Safe


National Safe at Home Week:
Garage Safety Tips

  • Ensure your garage is properly ventilated to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Keep all chemicals like paint thinner, gasoline, heady duty cleansers and others locked in a secure place out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not leave tools outside, as they could easily fall and injure someone, especially children.
  • Keep sharp gardening tools and power tools stored in a cabinet away from kids.

Say YES! to a Safe Yard


National Safe at Home Week:
Yard Safety Tips

  • Fences should be kept in good condition, to avoid children and pets wandering outside the yard and to keep intruders out.
  • Pools should be fenced and locked to prevent children from entering it unsupervised.
  • Never leave gardening tools unattended especially sharp ones.
  • Weed killer, fertilizer, insecticide, and other potentially poisonous substances should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Keep the grill a safe distance from any flammable surface including tree branches, decks, curtains, and outdoor furniture.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones.


Happy Safe at Home Week!

This is a great opportunity to sit down with your family and discuss home safety tips in order to reduce the risk of accidents down the road.  Teach your kids to remain calm and what to do in event of an emergency. Finally, keep a list of important phone numbers handy for all members of the family, including the local police, emergency, a trusted neighbor, and the number and address of your nearest Altus Emergency Center.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you in the event of a medical emergency. Don’t drive far distances to receive proper care! Visit your nearest Altus Emergency Center!

Altus Emergency Centers
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Anderson Elementary Lufkin – 1st Day of School

Anderson Elementary Opens it's Doors

A Visit to Anderson Elementary During the First Day of School 2017

On the morning of Wednesday, August 16th marked the start of many new projects, lessons, homework assignments, teachers, friends and great opportunities for kids at the Anderson Elementary School.


A Great Relationship with Our Lufkin Neighbors

This year, we were able to bear witness to the first day of classes at Anderson Elementary, part of the Lufkin ISD

Representatives from CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center donated first aid kits, school supply pouches, and folders.

During our visit, we were able to chat with the principal, Cindy Tierney and school staff. 


Our main focus is to build a strong learning environment that involves teachers, children, and families working together. We have many opportunities for you to be involved at Anderson this year! I firmly believe that students reach their greatest potential when everyone works together and I encourage your support and active participation this year. – Cindy Tierney

Quote source:

At CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center, we look forwards to working together with Anderson Elementary on several projects and events during this and future school years.

Working Towards a Common Goal

Together WE Can Help Build a Positive Future for Lufkin Youth!

A highly active Lufkin community member, CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial ER is especially happy to work with fellow Lufkin businesses and institutions towards a brighter future for children!  We will always work towards going the extra mile in a helping build a happier and healthier future for all.


We’re Here for You in the Good Times and in the Bad.

During a medical emergency, there is no time to waste, especially in delicate cases that involve children.  We believe in providing parents fast access to ER care so that their children will not have to wait long times to be attended. At CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center, we are always open, always ready and always fast when caring for your loved ones. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to stay up to date with our Lufkin Community activity participation, safety tips and great photos.

CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial ER Lufkin
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Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 Mission Accomplished

Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 Was a Huge Success!

“Mission Accomplished” at the 4th Annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017

It seems like each year is better than the last! The August 12th morning was filled with teddy bears, informative hand outs, snow cones, music, painted smiling faces, fun and silliness at Altus Emergency Center’s fourth annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017.

This family friendly free event was held for the fourth consecutive year as a last “summer fest” before the start of the school year at the Altus Emergency Center Lumberton location: 137 North LHS Drive Lumberton, TX 77657.


An Incredible Way to Close Summer

Three Hours Packed with Excitement at the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017

The day was a pure delight! How we managed to pack so many fun activities in three hours is sincerely incredible. We started the event with door prizes for our guests full of school supplies, donated by Altus Emergency, Boogie & Tootsie’s Deli and Neches Federal Credit Union. We had Extreme Bouncers and Slides bring out a bounce house and a water slide for kids to enjoy. This was a big hit with the younger kids!


That was just the tip of the iceberg… Other exciting activities at the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017 included: a rock painting station, cotton candy station, free snow cones from Kona Ice, a face painter, the Lumberton Police, Fire and Swat team and two photo booths with live DJ Rayman playing music. Additionally, we had local vendors come out and provide services and giveaways for the people attending: Christy Boudreaux DDS, Lumberton Chamber of Commerce, Sprint Print, Girl Scouts, Cricket Wireless, Fuller Options, Chiropractor Ana Bumstead, MET Head Start, Sassy Southern Salon and Boutique, Crestwood Baptist Church, and Julie Rodgers Gift of Life.

Thank you for all who attended our fourth annual Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017!

The Donations Rolled in!

There Were Lots of Giving Hearts at the Back to School Lumberton 2017

What a joy to be a part of something so special! The purpose of the Back to School Lumberton 2017 is not only to pave the way for the next school year in fun but also to help make a difference through worthy causes. Nothing is better than giving children encouragement to prosper and grow.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help the Lumberton Civic Women’s League/Caring Hearts #BacktheBackPack Cause during the Back to School Fest Lumberton 2017. We as a staff also collected 27 backpacks full of school supplies for local kids, which was our Altus Gives charity for August. In addition, we had LifeShare doing a blood donation. During this fine event, we exceeded our blood donation goal! Thank you to the 14 donors that supplied blood and a plasma donation during the Altus Emergency Lumberton event.

A Mix of Happy Pics!

Photo Fest Recap

Here are just a few of hundreds of fun photos that were taken during the memorable Lumberton Back to School Fest 2017. The best highlights from event can be found at the two photobooths! Over 300 silly willy photos were taken during Altus Emergency Center Lumberton‘s free family event this Saturday. Check to see if you or a friend are here: Photo Fun #1 and Photo Fun #2 Galleries.

It’s super easy to share with your friends directly to your social media page. Go ahead and share to have a fun memory to look back at and smile! 

See you next year!

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Have a Safe and Fun Back to School

We wish all parents and children a wonderful school year filled with many great accomplishments.

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Back to School Bonanza 2017

Back to School Bonanza Highlights

7th Annual Back to School Bonanza Was a Hit! An Estimated 3,200 Backpacks Given to School Aged Children


Saturday, August 12th left many children happy after their visit to the 7th Annual Back to School Bonanza.


This was the seventh year that the  Junior League of Lufkin
hosted this free event for Angelina county school aged children together with churches, businesses and service organizations.  The event was held from 8 am – 2 pm at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center. Both parents and children poured in to take advantage of the freebies to help kiddos get ready to go back to school among those: free backpacks, school supplies, health kits, school uniforms, new tennis shoes, haircuts, dental checks, and much more.  Children from the Lufkin area will be able to return back to classes well prepared to tackle the happy opportunities of school. 


Enjoy some of the highlights from the Back to School Bonanza

A Happy Joint Venture in Community Outreach

The Tools for a Successful Start

The Back to School Bonanza is essential in supplying children with the necessary tools to enter school with a good self esteem which is instrumental in successfully undertaking the challenges of school, fitting in and constructing the foundation for a bright future.


Highly active in the Lufkin community, CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial ER participated in the Back to School Bonanza by giving out information about health, safety and prevention.  “There was a great turnout we had steady traffic throughout the entire event.” Parents and students from the Lufkin area attended. Pre-registered students were in line since 3 am Saturday morning.

It was great to see so many smiling faces with their families preparing for the new school year. – Lauren Frazier, MBA Lufkin Administrator

Several kids went home feeling safe and sound with their new Eddie Rescue teddy bear.  These mini replicas of the real life Eddie Rescue from CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center were given out as gifts during the event.  We hope that they will serve to help remind both parents and children that life is precious.  During a medical emergency, there is no time to waste.  There is an option that involves short wait times versus hours.  At CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center, we are always open, always ready and always fast when caring for your loved ones.  Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to stay up to date with our Lufkin Community activity participation, safety tips and great photos.

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Operation First Day of School 2017 a Success!

Operation First Day of School 2017 - Giving Kids a Great Start

Helping Children Begin School With Dignity

The first day of school should be an exciting time but for some, it also means dealing with the anxieties of coming from an underpriveldged home.  Although it’s normal for children to confront the challenges of homework, socializing and fitting in, it becomes more difficult without having the basic school essentials.  Operation First Day of School was created to fill this void so that all students can begin school with confidence, smiles and dignity.



Altus Emergency Waxahachie Participates in Operation First Day of School

The Waxahachie Community Comes Together to Help 1,500 WISD Students

This year, Altus Emergency Waxahachie had the opportunity to join 30 other community volunteers including businesses and churches together with the Waxahachie ISD in the Operation First Day of School 2017 Event.  The much anticipated event was held this past Saturday, August 5th at the Clift Elementary School.  During this year’s event, 1500 needy children benefited from the Operation First Day of School receiving free school supplies, free back packs and even free haircuts sponsored by Altus Emergency Waxahachie.

Picture Perfect Times at the Operation First Day of School!

Happy Smiles Stay it Best!

It was a delight to help 1500 WISD students at the Operation Back to School 2017, some of them opting to take advantage of the free hair cuts sponsored by Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie will even arrive in style. 

The haircuts were a huge hit and we are thankful that Salon 5150 partnered with us to make this event a huge success. As always, Eddie Rescue, loved by everyone,  left a happy memorable impression with smiles and bear hugs all around. 

We wish all children and parents a happy, safe, healthy and successful school year!

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At Altus Emergency Centers, we are honored to be a part of the lovely Waxahachie Community.  We believe that investing in the youngest members of society is essential. Together, we can build a happier, healthier, successful future!

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education, health and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you when it’s more than urgent.

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How to Prevent Golfing Injuries

How to Prevent Golfing Injuries Safety Tips to Enjoy

Learn How to Prevent Golfing Injuries so you can “Tee it High, and Let it Fly!”

Playing golf with the family is the perfect vacation or weekend activity, best of all you don’t need to travel far to enjoy a day at the golf course.

Like with any sport, there is a risk of injury when you play golf, the little ones and less experienced players are the ones who run the biggest risk of being injured mainly due to bad posture. To ensure everyone in the family enjoys this great sport safely, we have put together a list of most common golfing injuries and how to prevent them.



Most Common Golfing Injuries

Back Pain

Back pain is at the top of our golfing injuries as according to the American Chiropractic Association, “80% of adults in America will suffer from back pain at some point or another in their lives.” The long hours hunched over your club along with the rotational stresses of the swing, can place considerable pressure on your spine and muscles, leading to minor strains that can easily become severe injuries. The most common type of back pain is lower back pain, however, many golfers experience stabbing pain between their shoulder blades.

Tendinitis in the Elbow

Another one of the golfing injuries, tendinitis, is a condition where tendon tissue becomes irritated and inflamed. There are two common types of elbow tendinitis:

Tennis Elbow: Occurs when there is an injury to the outer tendon.

Golfer’s Elbow: When the injury presents itself on the inner tendon.

Ironically, golfers are more prone to suffer from tennis elbow than from golfer’s elbow.


Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuffs are the four stabilizing muscles located on each shoulder; golfers can easily develop tendinitis, bursitis, and tears in the rotator cuff due to the repetitive motion of the golf swing.

There are two types of rotator cuff golfing injuries, both can cause pain and inhibit your game:

  • Rotator cuff impingements: Occurs when the tendons swell and pinch the space between the arm and the bones in the shoulder.
  • Rotator Cuff Tear: this happens when there are tears in the shoulder muscle and tendons.

Knee Pain and Damage

Golfers commonly complain from knee pain due to the strain placed on it to stabilize the rotation of the hip axis at the beginning of the swing. Torn ligaments can be a result of placing extreme force on a weak knee, and knee injuries are especially problematic for arthritis sufferers given the degenerative nature of the disease which can gradually wear down the joint cartilage.

Hip Injuries

Although the hip joint is usually very mobile and able to withstand a lot of stress, it is particularly vulnerable when playing golf since the swing involves a large amount of pivoting and twisting movements. The hip joint resembles the shoulder joint or rotator cuff so the injuries sustained at the hip are very similar to the tears experienced at the shoulders.

Tips to Prevent Golfing Injuries

TIP #1: Practice correct form and work on your swing.

According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine increasing the range of motion of lumbar spine extension and rotation of the lead hip can prevent one of the most common golfing injuries, lower back pain.

TIP #2: Warm up.

Before you tee off, take a few minutes to stretch your shoulder, back, arm and leg muscles, and if possible, go to the driving range and hit a few balls. This will not only help warm up it can seriously improve your game.


TIP #3: Exercise.

It is important to strengthen the muscles of your back, focus on the trapezoid and pectoral as well as your core. Flexibility exercises like yoga and Pilates also help in preventing back, shoulder and knee injuries.

TIP #4: Have someone else carry your bag.

Paying for a caddy is a good investment, carrying your golf bag across the entire course can increase your risk of back and ankle injuries.


TIP #5: Avoid hitting objects other than the ball.

Hitting the ground or a root instead of the ball can result in an injury, the sheer force of the swing coming to a hard stop can cause injury to your back, wrist, and shoulder.

TIP #6: Choose proper footware and clothing.

Your clothing should be comfortable and suitable to protect you from the elements, remember to wear sunscreen and shades always. Wear golf shoes with short cleats, longer cleats will dig into the soil and hold your feet planted as you swing which may cause knee and ankle injuries.


If you are ever in need of ER Care: We're Open 24/7. No Lines.

We’re Here 24/7 for You and Your Family

If you find yourself in severe pain after a day at the golf course, it is better to visit one of Altus ER Centers sooner rather than later, untreated injuries can become chronic and lead to more severe conditions that may require surgery down the road.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you when it’s more than urgent.

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Meet the Lufkin Administrator – Lauren Frazier

Meet the Lufkin Administrator: Lauren Frazier, MBA

Introducing Lauren Frazier, the Newly Appointed Lufkin Administrator, CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center

On Monday, July 17, 2017, one of our very own Southeast Texas professionals, Lauren Frazier became the administrator of Lufkin’s Finest Emergency Center.  Lauren recently completed the rigorous Fellowship Program under the mentorship of Kevin Herrington, President of Altus Emergency Centers and Executive Vice President of Development – Healthcare Division ZT Wealth and ACHE Fellow.  

As Kevin describes, She has been part of the Lufkin project from the beginning and has lead significant marketing initiatives over the last year.”  Lauren has been a great asset, team member and mentor to her staff and peers over the years and will be even more so now as Lufkin’s new on-site administrator.

Meet the Lufkin Administrator who is dedicated to the amazing people behind the company, they are the stars that help us shine!

Studies & Formation


A Hometown Girl with International Flair

Lauren Frazier, the Lufkin Administrator, studied health sciences and minored in corporate communication and public relations, also obtaining a concentration in Biochemistry at Baylor University.  An adventurous spirit, Lauren has also been involved in international studies and practice in order to expand her perspectives.

I received my MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Administration at Lamar University. My early days were very focused on the clinical side with countless hours in labs and patient care and experience. I have completed countless days of hands-on-experience throughout my studies and career, including spending time in Costa Rica and Panama solely to help administer patient care and  assess the disparity and continuum of care.

Last summer, she did a Study Abroad MBA program in China which included projects and learning sessions in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

The Fellowship Program

After a year in the fellowship program, Lauren is more than ready to tackle the leadership as the Lufkin administrator. The fellowship program was created for post-graduate students to thoroughly develop and begin their career as a well-rounded Healthcare Executive.  “During this time, I was able to lead significant efforts and gain thorough experience in all management departments including Communications and Marketing, Executive Office, Finance, Operations, Private Equity, Billing and Management, and other Regional Services associated with Altus Health. There is no training period for the rigorous program.”

It has been a long road to this point in my career. However, it is one that has been most rewarding.

Greatly respected by all, president Kevin Herrington announced her new role as Lufkin Administrator with great pride, Lauren has been a stellar employee and has a great ability to observe, analyze and make sound judgment calls.” 

Lauren is one of our excellent health care executives that has obtained valuable first-hand experience through the Fellowship Program.  



Get to know this Port Arthur, Texas native.

We enjoyed a lovely chat with Lauren while she shared about her vision, purpose, family, and love of music. The following are some highlights of our interview with Lauren.  

Q: “Why did you decide to go into healthcare administration?”

A:  Lauren

“Healthcare Administration is a field where you are able to truly value each person within an organization because you know each person contributes to its success. You must be able to work with everyone from housekeeping to senior level executives. Throughout my studies and career, I have had very high-level and microscopic views of healthcare companies and organizations.”


Q: “What or who has been your biggest influence or your mentor?”

A:  Lauren

“I know most have one mentor. However, I’ve met several who played significant roles in guiding me, largely because I always asked ‘Why’ and ‘How.’  These people were willing to do more than just simply return with a short answer. Throughout my path, I have met many mentors, who have helped shape me and my future. The individuals who have had a truly lasting impression and helped shape me as a professional are Diana Kendall, PhD; Scott Garner; Rosalind Kennerson-Baty, Ph.D.; Dr. Terri Woods; Dr. Peter Isaac; Jeff Dyson and last but certainly not least Kevin Herrington.”

My parents instilled in me at an early age that you do something right or you don’t do it at all. That has driven me all my life.

“All of these people are remarkable and have left lasting impressions.”

Q: “Who is the Lufkin Administrator at Home?”

A:  Lauren

“Born and Raised in Port Arthur, Texas I have a true appreciation for hometown and local love. By day I am a Healthcare Executive and by night I am a loving wife to a High School Band Director, Alex Frazier.” 

Affectionately known as a band wife, my path is uncommon but one I wouldn’t trade.

“We have a French bulldog named Luca.  Music is obviously big in our household. I am really creative and enjoy spending time with my family.”


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