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ER Nurses Week 2021 – Front Line Heroes

Happy ER Nurses Week 2021!  Celebrating our Front Line Heroes

Today we kick off a much-needed celebration honoring those in the front lines, ER Nurses Week 2020.  It takes a special heart to become a nurse, but an extraordinary soul to go into the emergency nurse profession.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  these past two years have been particularly challenging and revealing years for ER nurses across the globe.  More than ever before, the vital role of healthcare professionals including the ER nurses has been acknowledged.  We see them on the news and when we go to the doctor, but we can’t begin to understand the amazing sacrifices they make each day in honor of caring for our health.

Just like you and I, ER Nurses are Real People. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, real people feel fear, get tired, frustrated, anxious, and even depressed.  However, the ER Nurse has to put aside their fears and remain strong and focused to care for their patients.  Armed with their PPE gear, they bravely continue on tirelessly and unite with their healthcare coworkers as a tribe to keep pushing forward.  Yes, they miss their families and their families miss and worry about them but understand the importance of their mission.  Still, this is not their biggest concern during Nurses Week 2021.  Like many other healthcare professions, ER nurses are concerned about patients greatly needing emergency care staying away from hospitals and emergency rooms out of worry that they could become ill.


During this year, we have seen a massive surge in hospital overcrowding which has complicated receiving care for every patient in need of ER care.

Some individuals will have chest pains for days before getting treatment.  On behalf of Altus ER Nurses, we want everyone to understand the following:

You will be safe coming to any Altus facility.  We are open 24/7, offering safe private rooms.  We are currently offering low wait times. We offer Free Medical Screening, do COVID-19 testing & accept Medicare. There is no good reason to stay at home when you need ER care.  Do not risk your life. Get ER Care.

Altus is proud to celebrate Emergency Nurses Week along with the most talented and dedicated group of ER Nurses ever assembled. While we are grateful every day for the hard work these professionals do, this week we take special care to honor their dedication and commitment to helping patients.

A Look Back into ER Nurses Day From Previous Years

As you can see, at Altus, we have been celebrating ER Nurses Week since we first opened.  You may recognize some of the smiling faces.  This year, we will be releasing updated photos and videos of our ER Nurses.  The difference may be the PPE gear, the glowing smile underneath will still be the same.  Happy ER Nurses Week 2021!  Now, let’s explore, why these special ladies and gentlemen deserve our appreciation.  We will overcome the COVID-19, but there will always be battles to fight.  May we never forget to honor these brave individuals on the front lines of healthcare.

Why Do Emergency Nurses Deserve Special Appreciation?  

Nurses across the country do exemplary work. However, emergency nurses deserve special recognition because the environment in which they must work requires quick thinking and nerves of steel. 

The Emergency Room staff needs to make split-second life or death decisions. Nurses are often the first person a patient sees when they enter our Emergency Room. These people are often in severe pain, shock, and scared. The reassurance, compassion, and empathy of ER nurses make all the difference to these patients and their families.

Know Where to Go in Case of an Emergency.

Role of ER Nurses

Every day, emergency nurses must tackle diverse tasks with professionalism, efficiency, and above all—caring.

Patient-Care: Working at an emergency center means ER nurses will need to care for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Some might be mild emergencies, while others may involve trauma, heart attacks, or traumatic brain injuries. The wide variety of patient conditions requires that ER nurses have specialized training and qualifications. In addition, a strong character that can keep its cool in extremely stressful situations is indispensable.

Education: The nurses at Altus are outstanding members of the communities that we serve. As such, they are always available to help us promote our wellness programs, and educate the public on how to prevent injuries. Additionally, nurses are the most prominent advocates for patients who visit our ER centers. Not only do they assist the patient during their stay at our facilities, but they also explain the care needed to ensure a speedy recovery once the patient goes home.

Leadership: Part of the company culture at Altus focuses on working as a unit. Our nurses are perhaps the best liaisons in our organization. They work closely with administrators, lab technicians, doctors, and of course, patients. Because of this, emergency room nurses must have strong leadership skills that allow them to build solid relationships with every member of our team.

A Special Thank You to Our Invaluable Nurses

At Altus Health which includes Altus ER Baytown, Altus ER Lake Jackson, Altus Lumberton Hospital, and Altus ER Waxahachie, we know the quality of the people that work with us. Moreover, every patient we see gets a chance to meet the most amazing, professional, and caring nurses ever!

Our organization could not provide the care needed by our communities, were it not for the hard work and dedication that our nurses put into every minute of their workday. 

These brave, compassionate angels help us save lives every day, and we could not be more proud and grateful to have them by our side.

To all of you who give so much to both patients and colleagues, “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done!

Altus Emergency Centers Texas

is Here for You 24/7

Altus Emergency Centers are all open 24/7/365, with no lines. Our facilities are well-equipped to diagnose and treat everything from major to minor adult and pediatric emergencies. We are honored to be a part of our beautiful Texas communities and work hard each day to help see them grow and prosper!

24 Hour ER Services – Best in Texas

Looking for the best quality 24 hour ER services?

We offer the best freestanding 24 hour ER services in Texas. We have top of the line medical technology and highly experienced ER healthcare experts prepped and ready to come to your aid in Baytown, Lake Jackson, Lumberton, and Waxahachie.

Each ER team is highly efficient in treating chest and abdominal pains, pediatric emergencies, flu symptoms, sports injuries, bone breaks, and fractures, as well as all other major and minor injuries. All services are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays with little to no wait times. After You Receive Quality ER Care, our Patient Advocate will help ensure Hassle-Free Billing.

Our Promise is to Always Help Find the Best Solutions in Benefit of our Patients from the time you walk-in without having to wait in line and when you are personally assisted with the billing process. We are here to help you get well and stay well!

Emergency Nurses Week

Happy Emergency Nurses Week!

Emergency Nurses Week. Honoring Those Who Care for All

Altus ER is proud to celebrate another Emergency Nurses Week along with the most talented and dedicated group of Emergency Nurses ever assembled. While we are grateful every day for the hard work these professionals do, we take special care to honor their dedication and commitment to helping patients this week.

Through their compassion and deep understanding of the human condition, our knowledgeable nurses do so much more than just administer care to patients who walk through our doors every day, they provide comfort and reassurance, they educate patients and their families, they are therapists and advisors, and most importantly they are advocates of their patients.

They're Special!

What Makes Emergency Room Nurses So Special?

Like other nurses, they must complete a rigorous medical training and become licensed before they can practice their profession, but, what sets an emergency room nurse apart from nurses in other areas of healthcare, is their ability to react in a stressful situation. Because they are the frontline of triage they face multiple types of injuries every day, from splinters, and minor cuts to severe trauma which can be life-threatening.

Keeping calm in stressful situations, where patients and their loved ones are in pain, shock, and fearful, is an invaluable trait every one of our emergency nurses possesses. They have an uncanny emotional stability that allows them to cope with dire situations while remaining calm and sympathetic as they provide the highest quality of patient care.

They are the liaison between emergency doctors and patients, often translating complex medical lingo pertaining to diagnosis, and treatment, making it easier for patients and their loved ones to understand, they diligently listen to patient concerns and answer questions in a truthful yet tactful manner.

They keep the emergency room and doctors organized, allowing us to ensure our patients zero wait times when they visit any of our facilities. They are the heart and soul of our business, responsible for so many critical aspects of our operation including:




These caring souls are the ones who assess the severity of a patient’s condition and collect their medical history. With this information, they can quickly assign the patient to the doctor on staff best qualified to attend their needs.


Patient Care

Taking vital signs, administering medication, monitoring patient progress, helping to stabilize patients, caring for wounds, and assisting with critical patients are all part of an emergency nurse’s duties. In addition to these, our nurses are responsible for the patient’s medical chart, making sure it is up to date and accurate, this part of the process is of the utmost importance, as any missing or inaccurate information could hinder treatment and possibly endanger the patient’s life.



Patient Discharge

Emergency nurses also handle all patient discharges, making sure all paperwork is appropriately filled out, and patients and their families understand all doctor recommendations and treatment course.


Thank You to All of Our Amazing Nurses!

In the wake of the terrible disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey, this Emergency Nurses Week, Altus Emergency Centers would like to celebrate, honor, and express our infinite gratitude to our formidable emergency nurses who have proven to be the most selfless, powerful, resourceful, and masterful human beings.

During those times of crisis as they do every day, they never stopped, and never faulted in their commitment to saving lives, providing comfort, and helping patients through their darkest moments. For that and everything they do for patients every day, we at Altus Emergency Centers are eternally grateful.


Altus Emergency Nurses Are the Best!

People who choose to become an ER nurse were born with a special calling.   At Altus Emergency Centers, our RN’s are the cream of the crop!  Although Emergency Nurses Week lasts only seven days, you are on call 27/7/365 days of the year.   You help us win awards, you are Altus ER embassadors, you work actively to help build up your Texas communities, you are our friends who help us feel better.  Thank you to all the brave men and women RN’s of Altus Emergency Centers!

Great experience and a great lesson learned. We went for an open flesh wound caused by a dog bite. We were in and out of Altus in about 30 minutes compared to the 4 hour wait time at the hospital. Great facility, nice staff, and beats waiting at the ER. For the dog bite, they gave my wife a tetanus shot and cleaned up the wound with some iodine or peroxide and wrote her a prescription for an antibiotic. Going to a Primary Care Physician or Urgent care with insurance would be inexpensive. Going to an emergency center, whether at the hospital or and independent location like Altus, should be a last resort. A friend of mine who is a nurse told us, “Emergency care is the best and most expensive care you’ll ever receive, even with insurance, It’s why nurses avoid the ER.”This applies to ANY ER you visit. Expect to receive at leaset 2 bills, one from the facility (Altus) and one from each specialist (Dr. Noname), i.e. on call physician, radiologist if you need Xrays, pathologist, etc. HERE’S WHAT GOT US. Our BCBSTX covered 70% of the facility visit but DID NOT pay for the doctor. I’m not going to get into how much the total visit was, but it was something I was not able to afford at the time. I spoke with a nurse and she gave me the Administrator’s card. I explained to him the situation and he was quite pleasant to speak with. I OWE AMIR BASHIRI a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU for the financial assistance you were able to provide us with.

— Reagan Martin

Meet the Altus Emergency Nurses!

During all of Emergency Nurses Week, we will be posting photos of our ER Nurses here and on our social media pages.  The next time you see them in the supermarket, at a school, at an event or anywhere else, please say hello and remember, that they are here for you!

Our Doctors and Nurses Are Here for You

We Are Just Around the Corner When You Need ER Help

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are proud to be a part of our Texas communities and are honored to employ talented and dedicated emergency care staff. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you in the event of a medical emergency. Don’t drive far distances to receive proper care! Visit your nearest Altus Emergency Center!

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