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Healthcare Facility for Holiday Emergencies. Where to Go

Looking for a Healthcare Facility for Holiday Emergencies? Where to Go.

The Holiday Season is supposed to be a time of joy and cheerful communion with family and friends. But all this excitement can sometimes lead to accidents and unexpected health issues.

We know the last thing on your holiday checklist is planning for such events, but should you need medical care during the holidays, do you know where to go?

Where to Get Help When You Have a Medical Emergency?

Choosing the right healthcare facility for holiday emergencies is vital if you want a speedy recovery. But deciding where to get the best treatment for your injuries can sometimes be confusing.

Not worry; we are here to help you plan and know where to go to get in and out quickly so you can get back to enjoying your holiday season.

Here we will explain the differences between Urgent Care, Hospital ER’s, and stand-alone Emergency Rooms.

Urgent Care

These facilities offer convenient locations and are a good option for mild illness symptoms and minor injuries.

However, these centers rarely have a doctor on-site, and most are not open 24/7. Many may even be closed during holidays. Also, their level of care is limited. So if your injury or illness turns out to be more severe than you initially thought, they won’t be able to treat you. Instead, they will recommend you visit a higher level of care facility such as the emergency room.

If they refer you to a hospital ER, not only will you waste time getting there, you may also experience long wait times to be seen by a doctor. Therefore, if the UC refers you to the ER during the holidays, it’s best to choose a freestanding emergency room where you can get treated and discharged faster.

example of an urgent care

Hospital Emergency Room

There is no question that a hospital-based emergency room is well-equipped to treat all types of emergencies with the added advantage that they are open 24/7. But, unfortunately, overcrowding and long wait times are a reality for most hospital ER’s.

On average, hospital ER patients wait more than an hour and a half to be taken to their room and 2.25 hours before discharge.

During the holidays, these wait times are sure to increase, leaving you with less time to spend with your family and recover comfortably at home.

example of a hospital emergency room

Independent/Freestanding Emergency Room

Your search for a healthcare facility for holiday emergencies is over!

A freestanding emergency room (FER or FEC), also called stand-alone ER or independent ER, is open 24/7, offers immediate treatment, and is well equipped to handle a wide variety of emergencies.

A freestanding ER has all the diagnostic equipment for doctors to identify the type and severity of your injuries. Diagnostic equipment includes X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and clinical laboratory. Additionally, they have qualified doctors and nurses certified in emergency care, meaning you are always in good hands.

Best of all, wait times at independent emergency rooms like Altus are considerably lower. Within minutes of your arrival, one of our nurses will be assessing your injuries, and you will see a doctor within 10-15 after you arrive.

Because Altus ER’s don’t suffer from the same overcrowding issues as hospital ER’s, you will always receive faster, more personalized care from us.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we provide patients with online check-in options to make wait time even shorter. And we also provide them with free medical screening.

Contrary to many reports, Altus Emergency Centers are not more expensive than a hospital ER. In fact, we have negotiated special rates with our in-house doctors to ensure you receive the best care at the best price.

Additionally, our patient advocate will help you understand and maximize your health insurance benefits. They will make sure you never pay more for out-of-pocket expenses than you should.

Services Offered By Healthcare Facilities

If you are still unsure where you should go to treat a holiday emergency, this chart will help you make the right decision.

Health-insurance Altus ER

Know Where to Go In the Event of an Emergency

If you experience a medical emergency and want to get in and out as quickly as possible to get back to enjoying good times with your family and friends, your best choice is Altus Emergency.

Altus Emergency Centers Texas is Here for You 24/7

altus emergency 24 hr ER Texas

Altus Emergency Centers are all open 24/7/365, with no lines. Our facilities are well-equipped to diagnose and treat everything from major to minor adult and pediatric emergencies.  We are honored to be a part of our beautiful Texas communities and work hard each day to help see them grow and prosper!

24 Hour ER Services – Best in Texas

Looking for the best quality 24 hour ER services?

We offer the best freestanding 24 hour ER services in Texas. We have top of the line medical technology and highly experienced ER healthcare experts prepped and ready to get you well fast in Baytown, Lake Jackson, Lumberton, and Waxahachie.

Each ER team is highly efficient in treating chest and abdominal pains, pediatric emergencies, flu symptoms, sports injuries, bone breaks, as well as all other major and minor injuries. All services are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays with little to no wait times.


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