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Eddie Rescue Presents...

Eddie Rescue livens up the Tiny Tots of Lufkin Tiny Treasures Preschool

We don’t know who had more fun, Eddie “the Healthy Teddy” Rescue or the children and staff of Lufkin Tiny Treasures Preschool. On this special occasion, Eddie Rescue brought StoryTime to the young bright minds of Lufkin Tiny Treasures Pre-School. Being able to help shape and influence a young mind is a great privilege. Eddie Rescue is a community role model working towards teaching children about health and safety in a fun and exciting way.


Smiles & Bears Everywhere!

The smiles from the Lufkin’s Tiny Treasures cuties say it all! Eddie Rescue and the CHI Emergency Staff enjoyed an amazing time during Storytime, coloring books, crayons and Mini Eddie Rescue Bears. A warm THANK YOU to all of Lufkin’s Tiny Treasures Staff for helping us make this activity possible.


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Good Health Starts with a Bear Hug

It’s important to go beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. It is vital to provide an introduction to health and safety at a tender age. The younger, the better. We implement lively interactions to help promote good health habits and prevent injuries or illness.

At CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial ER, we hope to advance a healthier and safer environment for young children. Our ultimate goal is to help set the foundation to a promote a healthier society. A warm THANK YOU to all of Lufkin’s Tiny Treasures Staff for helping us make the Eddie Rescue Storytime activity possible.

“It’s a privilege that brings us great joy to be a part of the Lufkin Community.”CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial – Emergency Center.

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