Bilal Saeed

Financial & Billing Support Specialist

Bilal Saeed is an accomplished accountant and controller who surprises people with his intellectual flexibility and ability to adapt to an ever-changing economic and technological environment.

Bilal’s career spans more than twenty years, starting in the UK. After moving to the United States, he enjoyed a successful ten-year tenure with ZT Corporate before transitioning to Altus Health, where he presently serves as a billing support specialist.

His current role is critical to the successful operation of all Altus Emergency Centers and Altus Lumberton Hospital. Bilal Saeed is responsible for overseeing all internal controls, financial accuracy, and yearly budgets. He is also actively involved in developing new policies and procedures implemented across all Altus Emergency locations.

His extensive expertise in international accounts, private equity funds, budgeting, compliance, risk management, and cash management make Bilal an invaluable member of the finance team at Altus Health, where he has helped streamline and improve processes and enhanced productivity.

He is a goal-oriented individual who uses his excellent interpersonal skills to bring team members together to achieve the organization’s business and financial objectives.

Bilal possesses humble confidence that enables him to approach each challenge with an open mind and a disposition to learn from mistakes; this quality helps him improve professionally and personally every day.

The epitome of a team player, Bilal enjoys building lasting relationships with the different departments, and he is passionate about adding value to everything he does.

Bilal Saeed is a graduate of London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom with a master’s in commerce and a postgraduate diploma in Computer System Auditing in Controls. Bilal currently resides with his family in Sugarland, Texas.\

  • Degree: MCOM, CISA
  • Areas of Expertise: International accounting, risk management, cash management, budgeting, and internal controls
  • Experience: More than 20 years as an Accountant and Controller.
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