Dr. Suchmor Thomas

Dr. Suchmor Thomas

Medical Director of Altus Emergency Center Lake Jackson

Dr. Suchmor Thomas has vast experience working in the ER, which is one of the reasons we chose him for the position of medical director. Working as an ER doctor requires much preparation, nerves of steel, as well as passion and dedication. ER physicians need to be able to make split-second life-saving decisions; this requires not only knowledge, excellent communication skills, and confidence.

Dr. Thomas always wanted to be a physician. Growing up, there was only one physician his area, who took care of everyone in the village from the cradle to the grave. He never minded what time he was woken up, he was always there, with a smile on his face, ready to help, just like anyone at Altus family. Dr. Thomas was trained in family medicine. However, he has worked in Emergency Medicine since his graduation in 2007. When asked why he went into emergency medicine, he said “I love taking care of patients when they need the most when you have to make the most critical care decision for the patients. When every second, every minute count.”

Dr. Thomas loves networking and meeting people. He also enjoys traveling and hiking. His family is very important to him, including his wife Angela and their four amazing kids: Ben – 16 year old boy, Anna – 9 year old girl, and Isabella – 7 year old girl.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Thomas as the new medical director for our Lake Jackson facility. We know his expertise will contribute to further our mission of providing quality emergency care to the Lake Jackson community.


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