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    We’re the Fast and Effective Emergency Room of Waxahachie

    Waxahachie ER is the newest addition to the Altus Emergency Center Family. Having celebrated its ribbon cutting ceremony on March 27, 2017, this High Quality 24/7 Freestanding Emergency Center went operational on April 4th, 2017. The Waxahachie ER provides innovative, high-quality care to residents of Waxahachie and the surrounding areas. Waxahachie ER provides award winning quality ER services and employs the most caring and experienced emergency trained physicians.

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    Making Children Feel Right at Home

    “Our patient-centered operation includes receiving concierge service in an emergency room setting. This includes a plan of care that involves both the patient and families, even after being discharged. The plan also extends to children, who are just as important to us as adults. We have special accommodations for children and an added tier of comfort, including pediatric devoted exam rooms. Apart from our acclaimed emergency medical care specialties, we believe that any visit to our medical facility will be the most comfortable possible for all children,” says Director of Operations and Development, Obinna Ononobi.

    The Waxahachie ER Altus patient experience is unique and centers around better health and comfort for all patients.

    Best ER in Waxahachie Provides #1 Emergency
    Medical care for the whole family.

    Providing Affordable Access to a Fully Equipped Facility

    In tune with the Altus Emergency Center culture and tradition, the Waxahachie Center is equipped with the emergency trained physicians. The emergency center offers cutting edge on-site technology in CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds and an exceptional diagnostic lab. Located on Highway 77, in front of The Avenue Church, Altus Emergency Center is approximately 8,000 square feet.

    We are excited to provide the residents of Waxahachie with access to quick, first-class emergency medical care and comfort just around the corner.

    Waxahachie Texas It’s the Place to Be!

    Land of Victorian and Gingerbread homes as well as the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Waxahachie, meaning “cow” or “buffalo” in Native American language is a county seat of Ellis County, Texas just beyond the Southern suburbs of Dallas. Waxahachie ER is proud to be a part of this lovely, family friendly community. “We are pleased to provide elite and immediate emergency care to Waxahachie,” says Ononobi. The Waxahachie facility is the fourth independent emergency room for Altus Health, with other locations in Baytown (now Altus Baytown ER), Lake Jackson, and Lumberton, Texas (now Altus Lumberton Hospital).

    No Surprise Medical Bills Here!

    Rest assured that at Waxahachie ER – Altus Emergency Center you enjoy Hassle-Free Medical Billing. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, we’ll be happy to help! Please feel free to contact the Patient Advocate.