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Have you ever wondered who staffs an Emergency Room?

Most people believe that every doctor, nurse, and assistant working in the ER means that they are employees of the facility.

However, this is not always the case. Both hospital-based ER’s and independent emergency rooms, contract the services of physicians instead of employing them directly.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we believe there is a better way to staff an ER, and we are proud to announce that starting this month of June, we will have our very own in-house doctors, Altus Physicians Group.

We Took Control of Billing
& Say No to Surprise Medical Bills!

You Spoke Up and We Listened.

We delivered what you wanted, no more surprise bills. Unlike other emergency medical entities, we now control the ER physicians groups we contract with.

Emergency Rooms who enlist the services of physicians as independent contractors have no control all of their billing practices. This is a great disservice to patients, who have no idea their treating physician is an independent contractor who sets his own price for the service provided. This is the main reason why patients receive expensive, surprise medical bills.

The Altus Emergency Centers Solution

At Altus Emergency Centers, we have always strived to hire the best talent available, and we are proud to say we have succeeded.

However, we are the first ones to recognize that having physician groups handle their own billing was never an ideal situation.

How We Devised the Perfect Solution

Changing the way an industry does business is never easy. However, at Altus Emergency Centers, we have never accepted the response of “this is how everybody does it.”

To reach our decision of directly controlling physician billing we took many aspects of the situation into consideration:

  1. Patient Safety: Saving lives has always been our principal mission. Therefore, any situation that could potentially endanger the wellbeing of our patients was entirely unacceptable for us.
  2. Physician Wellbeing: The job of an emergency room physician is exceptionally demanding. So, their ability to find a balance between family and work has always been a concern for us, as we are a family-oriented organization. By offering physicians a chance to be full-time employees of our company, we believe we can guarantee proper rest and a well-balanced life where physicians will be happier and therefore provide a better quality of care to our patients.
  3. Patient Feedback: You spoke up, and we listened. Not only did we hear you, but we also agreed with you. Surprise medical bills are unfair and should never happen. We firmly believe patients and their families have a right to know beforehand the real cost of their emergency treatment.
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Benefits of Our Solution

Having our very own in-house doctors will provide our patients with many benefits, including:

  • We hire local doctors. Therefore, you can expect to see a friendly and familiar face every time you visit us.
  • Better Quality Control
  • More qualified physicians. We hold our physicians to a higher standard than that required by the State Board
  • We control billing in house. No Balance or Surprise Billing
  • Bills will come from our Regional office in Southeast Texas
  • Physician bills will remain separate to maintain transparency. You will be able to see and review the breakdown of the costs.

For any Altus Physician Bills questions or issues, please call our Patient Advocate.

Lumberton & Waxahachie: Call us (469) 575-5593 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and ask for the Patient Advocate.

Baytown & Lake Jackson: Call us (979) 705-4173 between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm and ask for the Patient Advocate.


What is Surprise Medical Billing? Find out why we took action to eliminate it.

Real ER Physicians for Real Emergencies.
Altus ER Physicians Group

Save the Date! Starting in mid June 2019, you will be treated exclusively by our in-house local ER doctors.

From a 360 perspective, Altus ER Physicians Group is here to deliver the finest Emergency care:

  • We will control the entire billing process so you will never receive a surprise medical bill from us.
  • We will hold our physicians to always deliver the highest customer satisfaction levels.
  • Physician services will still be billed separately for transparency purposes.
  • Finally, we will continue to seek out the very best integral quality care for all of our patients.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are always looking out for your health and your finances. Contact our Patient Advocate if you have any questions or concerns with your bill or medical service.

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Want to Apply?

If you are a licensed emergency physician and would like to become part of the Altus Emergency Centers family, you can send us your credentials at

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