Dunbar Primary Student Wellness Fair


Dunbar Primary Student Wellness Fair in Lufkin Rocks!

At the Science Fair

Nothing is better than experiencing science live! Last Friday, March 9th, 2018, staff from CHI St. Luke’s Health – Memorial enjoyed teaching kids from the Dunbar Primary School in Lufkin, Texas through science! How did this happen? Well, it was not one, but two fun stations that were sponsored to teach kids valuable health and prevention tips they can treasure for a lifetime.

What Did The Children Learn?

Station 1

At the Dunbar Primary Student Wellness Fair, Station 1 was a hand washing training station where students learned how to properly wash their hands. The children rubbed a safe liquid on their hands and placed them under a black light. This revealed that on the surface our hands appear clean. However, germs are everywhere. After properly washing the hands for 15 seconds, students returned to the black light to observe their hands were “clean.” This was a demonstration stressing the importance of proper hand washing.


If you don’t clean your hands properly, you risk having harmful germs on your hands and spreading them to others! Learn to wash your hands correctly and frequently to avoid the spread of yucky germs!

Station 2

Now it’s time for Station number two. At the Dunbar Primary Student Wellness Fair, students practiced staying calm and calling 911 individually on the large keypad board display, without forgetting to press the “Call” button to actually place the call. This is a step that children often forget. Children also have an issue knowing how to get into the phone app to reach the keypad.

After this exercise students learned about several medical instruments, such as the stethoscope and what they are used for and when. By the end of the session, they were able to identify each and know their proper function and use. They easily identified toy versions that would light up or mimic the results of the professional instruments. For example, the toy stethoscope would light up and mimic a heartbeat. Instruments covered were the X-Ray machine, stethoscope, ear thermometer, and syringe.


A bunch of cool stuff! Not only did they learn how to dial 911 but they also learned about various medical instruments. The super cool kids enjoyed taking X-Rays of their hands and giving us all shots! Ultimately they know the doctor is not scary, and we simply go there to receive treatment to become well.

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Fun Times at Dunbar Primary School: Photo Gallery

Seeing is believing! Thank you to all of the wonderful staff from Dunbar Primary Student Wellness Fair for giving us the opportunity to teach children valuable lessons about health and prevention. In the photos are admin Lauren Frazier, a presenter at the science fair, along with two other CHI St Luke’s Health Memorial Emergency Center employees. Enjoy the photos, we will treasure the amazing memories![/vc_column_text][us_image_slider ids=”25575,25574,25573,25572″ fullscreen=”1″ autoplay=”1″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]

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