Employee Highlight Shannon Seymour Quality


Employee Highlight Shannon Seymour

Introducting the June 2021 Employee Highlight, Shannon Seymour. It is truly a pleasure and honor to work with each and every one of our staff members. You are not just coworkers and colleagues but part of the Altus Family.

This month we will be highlighting one of our wonderful staff members, which is Shannon Seymour.

Shannon Seymour is none other than the Director of Quality Improvement. This means that she is here to ensure that each time you visit an Altus location, you will have the very best patient experience.

What Does Our Shannon Seymour Do?

Our Director of Quality Improvement, Shannon Seymour, oversees the development, management, implementation, and sustainability of all improvement activities and compliance procedures while cultivating exceptional care and services in the healthcare industry.

Let’s Get to Know Shannon Seymour

We sat down with Shannon to ask her a few questions about their work and personal experience working with the Altus facilities. Here is what we learned.

Q/ What do you love about working for altus?

A/My co workers are always there for me in patient care.

Q/ What do you love about quality?

A/ “Quality of work never goes out of style!”

Q/ How does quality help us keep patients safety and overall patient satisfaction in line?

A/ “The goal of the Quality Dept is to insure we are always following the most current safety guidelines for our patients and staff. We also monitor patient satisfaction surveys given to improve patient satisfaction and look for potential areas of improvement.”

Thank you, Shannon Seymour, for all that you do to help ensure that our patients come out feeling “all better”. The complexity of how this takes place is unknown to most but the end success stories fill our hearts with gladness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]