Fourth of July Safety – How to Celebrate Safe & Fun


Fourth of July Safety Tips: Great Ideas for Having a Safe & Fun Time

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4th of July Celebration. Happy Birthday America!

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of our nation, Altus Emergency Centers would like to extend our gratitude and commemorate the brave men and women of the armed forces who have fought for our freedom and every one of you, who’s hard work, love of family and country helps build a better nation.

Fourth of July Safety: Fun Activities for the Whole Family

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Summer Cookouts.

Summer is here and the weather is perfect for a delicious cookout, bring out the grill, some cold drinks, and impress your friends with your outdoor cooking abilities while you enjoy this special day.

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Summer Cookouts:

  • Never leave your grill unattended.

  • Keep children and pets away from the hot grill.

  • Place your grill out in the open, away from flammable objects like tree branches and curtains.

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Swimming, Boating, Tubing, and Other Water Activities

July is one of the hottest months of the year, so it is no surprise we love to cool down either in a pool, tubing down a river, spending the day at the beach or going for a boat ride. Water activities are one of the best ways to create fun memories of summer.

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Water Activities:

  • Always keep an eye on the kids when you are close to water.

  • If you are on a boat, make sure everyone on board is wearing a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

  • Before going into the water at the beach or a river check for warning signs posted by the authorities.

  • Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.

  • Don’t dive head first into rivers or pools if you are not sure how deep they are.

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Picnics and Block Parties

Few things are more American than gathering with neighbors to share a meal, 4th of July picnics and neighborhood block parties are a staple of American tradition. Organize a potluck lunch, sit on lawn chairs, have a drink with your neighbors and relax in good company.

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Picnics:

  • Stay in the shade as much as possible.

  • Keep hydrated.

  • Store food in coolers; remember the hot weather accelerated the spoiling process of uncooked food.

  • Check for ticks; summer is tick season, and these pesky little critters can carry diseases like Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus.

  • Wear insect repellent.

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It wouldn’t be a 4th of July celebration without a firework display. Attending a local firework show is the best way to end a fun packed day, arrive early and claim the perfect spot to view the show, and marvel at the beauty and artistry of these professional displays.

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Fireworks:

  • Leave the firework display to the professionals. Texas law prohibits private citizens from using, selling, or possessing fireworks.

  • If you have small children, it is best to cover their ears with noise cancelling headphones to prevent damage to their tender ears.

Keep pets at home in a safe place where they won’t be able to escape, harm themselves or others due to the stress caused by fireworks.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Have a Safe and Fun 4th of July from All of Us at Altus Emergency Centers!

Altus Emergency Centers wants you to have a great 4th of July celebration, we urge you to drink responsibly, stay hydrated and avoid unnecessary dangers.

We would like to remind the community, that all our centers will remain open during this 4th of July celebration, to attend any emergency situation.

At Altus Emergency Centers, we are strong advocates of education and prevention. Our expertly trained staff is available 24/7. We are here for you when it’s more than urgent.

Find an Altus ER Near You.

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