Summer Outdoor Safety – Tips to Enjoy the Great Outdoors!


Summer Outdoor Safety

Summer is finally here, if you needed an excuse to spend more time outdoors, then look no further, June is Great Outdoors Month and National Camping Month, imagine all the fun you can have during these long sunny days.

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature; there is no better feeling than to sit around a campfire, telling stories, singing, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping under the stars with your favorite people, be it your family or a group of friends.

As fun as being outdoors is, spending too much time in the sun can carry serious consequences. At Altus Emergency Centers, we have selected a few summer outdoor safety rules to help you enjoy the best of summer without regrets.

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How to Stay Safe When Out Camping

To ensure your camping trip is a memorable experience for all the right reasons remember to:

  • – Never build your campfire under low trees or branches, never leave a campfire unattended, and always put out the flame before going to bed.
  • – Don’t approach wild animals, don’t try to feed them, and never disturb them while they are sleeping or eating. Stay away from mothers and their babies.
  • – Keep your food in airtight containers, and your camp as clean as possible to avoid attracting wild animals.
  • – Separate raw foods some cooked foods. Cook foods to proper temperatures and chill any leftovers promptly.
  • – Wear bug spray.
  • – Watch out for poisonous plants; we recommend you do some research about the possible poisonous plants around your camping area, make sure everyone in your family knows how to recognize them.
  • – Take a first aid kit that includes: band-aids and bandages, cotton swabs, sterile gauze pads, antibiotic cream, sunburn ointment, aspirin or ibuprofen, eye drops, thermometer, antibiotic soap, tweezers, small pair of scissors, heat, and cold packs, first aid manual, eye drops, as well as snake bite kit.
  • – Keep a list of medications, allergies, and medical conditions for each person going on our camping trip. Make sure to include the contact information of their doctors and the nearest Altus Emergency Center.

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Enjoy Your Water Activities to the Fullest

Whether you are planning to go fishing, boating, paddle boarding, tubing, water skiing, swimming, surfing, or kayaking, water safety measures should always be your priority.

  • – Don’t go into the water alone, it is best to enjoy any water sport or activity with someone else, not only is it more fun, they can help you if you have an accident.
  • – Regardless of how good a swimmer you are, always wear a lifejacket while out at sea, lakes, or rivers.
  • – Check the weather forecast before you venture out; paddlers should pay attention to wind and fog conditions near shore, surfers and swimmers need to be vigilant of rip currents. If you are going fishing or just taking a boat ride in open waters, you need to be cautious of strong winds, and rough seas as your boat could capsize.
  • – Protect your skin, wear plenty of waterproof sunscreens, and reapply often.
  • – If you know you are going to be in cold waters, consider wearing a wetsuit. Water temperatures as warm as 75° – 80°F can pose a risk for hypothermia.
  • – Label your gear with emergency contact information and any medical conditions or allergies you may have.
  • – Always supervise children who are in or around bodies of water.
  • – Water sports and alcohol are not good partners. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or sports drinks but avoid alcoholic beverages.

The long days of summer are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, plan your vacation with plenty of time, take as many precautions as you can and remember Altus Emergency Centers are always close by to help you in case of an accident.

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