15 Reasons Why Texas Dads Are the Best! Happy Father’s Day

man holding child

15 Reasons Why Texas Dads Are the Best!

Happy Father’s Day!

This is a tribute to all the hard-working Texas Dads that every day: nurture, educate, support, and unconditionally love their families.


Nobody does barbecue better than Texas Dads. From hamburgers to brisket, everything they throw on the grill tastes like heaven! They keep their families happy and united, all anxiously waiting for seconds.

father and children at BBQ


Texas dads know how to tell a joke. They’re great at lovingly embarrassing their wives and kids. Their silliness is full of wisdom, meant to always show the sunny side of life. They cheer us up and put a smile on our faces every day!

Funny family photo


Whether they’re great dancers or not, Texas Dads don’t shy away from the dance floor. Even if they’re not in the mood, “Sometimes ya just got to put on your boots and dance, anyway…” Every daddy’s girl has great memories of dancing around the house with her favorite dance partner!

father and daughter dancing


Texas men are assertive. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Never expect Texas Dads to sugar coat things. They believe in “toughening you up” to survive in life. A good Texas father will make sure their message is driven home, the first time around, to avoid future mishaps.

Father and two sons


Texas dads always seem to have power tools close by and like good Southern men, they know their way around a warehouse. They can fix a leaky faucet, install a light fixture or even build a shed. Best of all, to their kids’ delight, they’re architects of the most awesome tree houses.

father and son measuring lumber


Sports are a big part of every Texas dad’s life, if they’re not playing, they are watching. We’ve learned how to throw and catch a ball, how to swing a bat, and how to ride a bike from our dads. They even influenced us on which will be our favorite team to cheer for. Most importantly, they are the biggest fans of their own kids.

Father and son play football


Texas dads are full of wisdom because they have seen and done a thing or two in their lifetime. Everyone has a different way of imparting knowledge and Texan fathers have a special knack for it. If we were hanging with the wrong crowd, we’d hear, “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” We know not be gullible since, “Just because a chicken has wings, don’t mean it can fly.” They have a witty saying for just about everything and each has been passed down to him over generations of Texas fathers.

Texas family fishing


Avid outdoorsy men, Texas Dads love to go camping and hiking. Organizing weekend expeditions is one of their best skills, they take us tubing down a slow-moving Texas river, or on a fishing trip out on the lake. Some of our best childhood memories were created out on the countryside with dad.

dad and daughter review map


All Texans, men and women know the value of an honest day’s work. Texas dads were brought up on traditional morals and values. They are committed in every aspect of their lives and this shows in their work ethic. They teach their children by example to take pride in a job well done!

man in oil field


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Genuinely involved in their children’s lives and upbringing, Texas fathers make learning fun. Wanting their children to excel in everything they do, from school, sports to spirituality, they invent ways to keep us entertained and focused. They always manage to sneak in a life lesson that we will cherish forever.

dad teaching son to ride a bicycle


There is no denying that Texas men are handsome, with their rugged good looks, self confidence and twinkle of mischief in their eyes. They have a style and charm that make them irresistible. As George W. Bush once said, “Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.’” Mommy never had a chance!

man in western wear


Also in tune with tradition, Texans are true gentlemen. They believe in having good manners and honor ladies of all ages. Texas dads here are gallant and set the bar very high for their daughters’ future boyfriend. Likewise, they bring up well educated boys that treat all women with the respect that they deserve.

man walking woman out to car with umbrella


Texas dads are sweet, loving, and supportive. They encourage us to follow our dreams and to love ourselves. They will bring down the stars and the moon for us if we ask them to.

father and baby


They are always there for us, regardless of how busy they are. When it comes to family there is always time and we are always a priority.

Dad and children drawing


Real life heroes, Texas fathers keep us safe from harm, rescue us when we are in trouble and help us fix our problems. Dads know how to handle stressful situations and when a family member gets hurt, they know to take them to their nearest Altus Emergency Center.

father and daughter pretending to be superheroes

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at the Altus Emergency Centers!

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