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Nick Duplan


Nick’s love for numbers is undeniable, and his passion for mathematics and finance led him to become an accomplished controller.

His aptitude with numbers became evident from a young age, and by the time he was in high school, his talent earned him statewide recognition when he became state champion for Number Sense, the mental math competition.

Nick Duplan pursued his passion in college, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in statistics, a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Texas, and an MBA specializing in Health Care Management from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Before joining Altus Health, Nick Duplan worked as an analyst. Since joining us in 2013, he has been our star controller. In this role, Mr. Duplan manages all financial aspects of Altus Emergency Centers and Altus Lumberton Hospital.

Nick is an affable person who values and recognizes the work of every member of the Altus Family, from the frontline healthcare workers who help save lives every day to our contract vendors. His coworkers praise his professionalism and the unwavering respect and consideration he exercises in all his interactions.

Nick Duplan is a family man; he and his lovely wife have a baby and two dogs, who are very much a part of the family. When not busy at work, he enjoys playing tennis, running, and hiking.

  • Degree: MBA
  • Areas of Expertise: Statistics, Actuarial Science, Healthcare Management
  • Experience: 9 years as a controller with Altus Health
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