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surviving the flu epidemic altus emergency centers texas

Surviving the Flu Epidemic – Complications & Signs of Alert

Surviving the Flu Epidemic - Complications & Signs of Alert How to Fight the Flu Epidemic! The flu epidemic this year is hitting the United States harder than predicted, as some circulating strands of the influenza virus were not included in the annual recommendations report, this means these strands were not contemplated when creating the [...]
tricks to show your kids how to wash hands correctly

Fun Handwashing Tips for Kids

Fun Handwashing Tips for Kids Tricks to Show Your Kids How to Wash Their Hands Correctly This is the final day of National Handwashing Awareness Week. For adults who don't spend a lot of time with children, this celebration might seem a little unnecessary, but to parents who are constantly trying to get their kids [...]
How to Avoid the Flu - Bypass the misery of flu season - altus emergency centers

How to Avoid the Flu

Bypass the Misery of Flu Season How to Avoid the Flu The dreaded flu season is fast approaching, and we know nobody wants to feel miserable for 2 whole weeks, and if you are a parent then you know it is going to be a domino effect, one by one everyone in the household will [...]

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Trick–or–Treating Safety Tips Halloween is by far the most fun filled night of the year for children and yes, for adults too, let's face it, what can be better than dressing up, staying up late and eating a ton of yummy treats? But, there is a scary side to Halloween that tops any ghost, goblin, [...]
sudden cardiac arrest awareness month

National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month – Help Us Save More Lives

Help Us Save More Lives National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims the life of a person every two minutes, and yet most people don't understand the difference between sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack. Mortality rates for patients who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) outside of the hospital or emergency [...]
Traffic Safety Awareness Altus ER Centers Texas

Traffic Safety Awareness

Traffic Safety Awareness - Respect and Share the Road Traffic safety: It’s the difference between life and death. One of the biggest problems society faces today is coexisting, this problem goes beyond the work place, or family life, it also extends to our roads. Most injuries resulting from car accidents were completely preventable using proper [...]
Flood Recovery Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life from Altus Emergency blog post

Flood Recovery Safety Tips

Flood Recovery Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life Flood Recovery Safety: Prevention & Treatment Tips The devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of displaced families who are just now returning to their homes to assess the extent of the damages. Our hearts go out to those who, one way or another have [...]
June is Men's Health Awareness Month

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Men's Health Awareness & Education Men's Health Awareness, Education, and Prevention. We end June with a special awareness dedication to all men in honor of Men’s Health Education and Awareness Month. This special observance, which was passed into law in 1994 aims to educate the public and to raise awareness of preventable illnesses affecting the [...]