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The Best ER Medical Care

Altus Emergency Centers:  When it’s More Than Urgent.

During an emergency every second is crucial. They happen when you least expect it.  You need a quick, effective and professional solution during your hour of need.  Altus Emergency Centers provide the Best ER Medical Care.  Altus ER is a leading provider in high-quality emergency healthcare, we treat a wide variety of major and minor injuries and emergencies.

When there is No Time to Wait in Line.  We are Here for You 24/7.

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“I’m looking for an Emergency Medical Center Near Me” You have found what you were searching for!  Altus Emergency Centers, 24/7 Freestanding Emergency Centers providing Innovative,  High-quality Care to Texas.
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Meet our Team Altus Emergency Centers: Our Mission is to Save Lives 24 / 7.  Get to know the leaders of our health care experts who help make it happen.  It is our privilege and honor to serve you when you need a helping hand.  It is then, in your hour of urgency that we shine.

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Top of the Line Medical Equipment & Technology

Pediatrics Core Program

The Best ER Medical Care

Pediatrics Care Program

At Altus Emergency Centers, we aim to make children feel right at home.  We have special accommodations for children and an added tier of comfort, including pediatric devoted exam rooms. After all, “A visit to the doctor can send you home with a smile.”

X-Ray Capacity

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X Ray Capacity

Used for decades, having X Ray Capacity is crucial to be able to get insights to an injury without having to make an incision.  During an emergency, an X Ray will help Altus Emergency Center healthcare experts diagnose, treat and monitor the affected area.

CT Scan Capacity

The Best ER Medical Care

CT Scan Capacity

During an injury, we believe that it’s crucial to go beyond an X-ray.  A CT Scan, Computerized Tomography, helps give doctors an in depth insight to the scope of an injury allowing them to decide the best possible course for a patient’s recovery.

Ultrasound Capacity

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Ultrasound Capacity

An ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic exam that produces images that are used to assess organs and structures using sound waves.  In the event of an emergency, an ultrasound will give our healthcare experts the ability to best assess the degree of urgency.

Exceptional Diagnostic Laboratory

Medical Emergency

Exceptional Diagnostic Laboratory

Each Altus Emergency Center is equipped with an extensive on site diagnostics lab.  We employ only the most cutting edge laboratory technology and qualified lab technicians which are essential to the proper diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of ER conditions.

Primary ER Health Care

Emergency healthcare

Primary ER Healthcare

You can put your trust in us when you most need assistance.  From cuts and scrapes to critical care, Altus Emergency Centers provide ER care for a wide variety of urgent care conditions. We are waiting 24 / 7 to come to your aid with the very best ER medical equipment and technologies.

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