Rhonda Gokhale

Rhonda Gokhale, BSN, RN

Nurse Manager

Nursing is an art, and Rhonda Gokhale has mastered the art of emergency nursing to perfection through her career spanning more than 22 years.

Her own experience caring for her ill mother during her teenage years and watching the nurses’ impact on patients’ well-being motivated her to choose this career path.

Rhonda joined Altus Emergency Centers in April 2017 as a staff nurse. Her communication and organizational skills, as well as her extraordinary work ethic, quickly earned her the respect and admiration of her fellow nurses and supervisors.

Today Rhonda is the Nurse Manager at Altus Baytown ER. Aside from directly providing patient care, her other responsibilities include overseeing nursing schedules, preparing monthly reports, and managing the facility’s ordering, returns, and recalls. In addition, she ensures continued nurse education to guarantee the highest quality of patient care.

Mrs. Gokhale is honest and possesses a high level of integrity, a strong work ethic, and a deep need to serve others. She is also a resilient and resourceful professional who strives to improve continually. For this reason, after 17 years as an ADN RN, she returned to school and received her BSN.

Rhonda is a self-proclaimed, clean, orderly freak who likes to keep things tidy. She is the proud grandmother of four amazing girls whom she loves to spend time with and hopes to be their source of inspiration.

Having been a resident of Baytown for 25 years, she is deeply immersed in the community. Rhonda enjoys attending Comic-Cons (Comic Book Conventions) in her spare time.

  • Degree: BSN, RN
  • Areas of Expertise: Emergency Nursing, Nursing Management
  • Experience: 22 years as an ER nurse, five years with Altus Baytown ER

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