Baytown September Employee Spotlight 2022

Baytown September Employee Spotlight

Baytown September Employee Spotlight 2022

Get to Know Our Recent Altus Employee Spotlight

In September, get to know our recent employee spotlight, Bailley Odom.  She is an ER Tech at Altus Emergency Center Baytown. Her role is vital as she helps provide support to her coworkers as well as helps make patients feel comfortable and reassured.  Her responsibilities include assisting the nurses with vitals, IVs, EKGs as well as running labs on patients.


The purpose of Baytown September Employee Spotlight 2022 is to thank our exemplary staff for their noble contribution to our excellence as well as introducing them to our communities.

Want to know more about our Baytown September Employee Spotlight 2022, Bailley Odom? Get know to more about the amazing people behind what is #TeamAltus.  The following is an excerpt of a recent interview we had with her.

I help patients by getting them stable and started with treatment and providing a great ER experience for the patient. I always try to make the patient comfortable in every situation.”

One year this month.”

Favorite part is the unity of my coworkers and how well we work together. I have made numerous lifetime friends!”

When I’m not working at Altus, I love to hang out with my family and friends! I also love to go on vacation!”

Fun fact about me is that I’m highly energetic and fun to be around!”

Well, Bailley, you are super fun to be around for sure!  We truly appreciate all that you to do to help keep our workplace professional, fun, family-oriented and above all top quality for our patients.  Make sure to share the great news with your friends and family your great achievements and being the Baytown September Employee Spotlight 2022.

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