ER Nurses Make a World of Difference

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ER Nurses Make a World of Difference

Our fantastic ER nurses make a difference in the lives of our patients and their colleagues every day. With their compassion, empathy, and passion for what they do, they provide help make our days brighter and our lives fuller.

History of Emergency Nurses Day

Emergency Nurses Day is an annual event, celebrated on the second Wednesday of October. The observance started in Australia 30 years ago. Given how much ER nurses impact the workplace, it quickly became an international observance.

In the United States, we dedicate a whole week to thank these amazing human beings for their hard work. National ER Nurses Week runs from Oct 9th to Oct 15th, and the Emergency Nurses Association is in charge of promoting and sponsoring the week-long event.

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Why Do Emergency Nurses Deserve Special Appreciation?

Nurses across the country do exemplary work. However, emergency nurses deserve special recognition because the environment in which they must work requires quick thinking and nerves of steel.

The Emergency Room staff needs to make split-second life or death decisions. Nurses are often the first person a patient sees when they enter our Emergency Room. These people are often in severe pain, shock, and scared. The reassurance, compassion, and empathy of ER nurses make all the difference to these patients and their families.

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Know Where to Go in Case of an Emergency.

Role of ER Nurses

Every day, emergency nurses must tackle diverse tasks with professionalism, efficiency, and above all—caring.

Patient-Care: Working at an emergency center means ER nurses will need to care for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Some might be mild emergencies, while others may involve trauma, heart attacks, or traumatic brain injuries. The wide variety of patient conditions requires that ER nurses have specialized training and qualifications. In addition, a strong character that can keep its cool in extremely stressful situations is indispensable.

Education: The nurses at Altus Emergency Centers are outstanding members of the communities that we serve. As such, they are always available to help us promote our wellness programs, and educate the public on how to prevent injuries. Additionally, nurses are the most prominent advocates for patients who visit our ER centers. Not only do they assist the patient during their stay at our facilities, but they also explain the care needed to ensure a speedy recovery once the patient goes home.

Leadership: Part of the company culture at Altus Emergency Centers focuses on working as a unit. Our nurses are perhaps the best liaisons in our organization. They work closely with administrators, lab technicians, doctors, and of course, patients. Because of this, emergency room nurses must have strong leadership skills that allow them to build solid relationships with every member of our team.

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A Special Thank You to Our Invaluable Nurses

At Altus Emergency Centers, we know the quality of the people that work with us. Moreover, every patient we see gets a chance to meet the most amazing, professional, and caring nurses ever!

Our organization could not provide the care needed by our communities, were it not for the hard work and dedication that our nurses put into every minute of their workday.

These brave, compassionate angels help us save lives every day, and we could not be more proud and grateful to have them by our side.

To all of you who give so much to both patients and colleagues, “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done!

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