Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022

Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022

Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022

Get to Know Our Recent Altus Employee Spotlight

In September, get to know our recent employee spotlights on Keri Chiles and Jason Bates. 

The purpose of the Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022 is to thank our exemplary staff for their noble contribution to our excellence as well as introducing them to our communities.

Get know to more about the amazing people behind what is #TeamAltus.  The following is an excerpt of a recent interview we had with both of the amazing staff featured in our Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022.

The first of our Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022 is Keri Chiles.

Keri is a Lead Registration at Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie.  The following is a little bit about who she is and her important role in helping us deliver top quality healthcare to the community.

We see patients that come in not feeling well and not only do they receive all around great care from all of our staff, they also leave here feeling better. Taking good care of the patient in all aspects has them remember our attitude, smiling faces, and they know where to come when they need us again.”

Five years and three months.”

Definitely, my coworkers! They make each day here enjoyable. I also love that our team as a whole can see a person in our community come in not feeling great and by the time they leave they feel and even look better.”

Taking care of our mini farm and enjoying time with my family.”

I have a mini farm. 12 chickens, 2 cows, a sheep, a cat, and 5 dogs.”

Thank you Keri Chiles for putting your heart into helping us deliver exceptional healthcare during over five years and counting!  Our second recipient of our Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight is Jason Bates.

Our second of our Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022 is Jason Bates.

Jason works Assistant Administrator and the Radiology and Lab Manager for Waxahachie at Altus Emergency Center Waxahachie. His these roles are pivotal as his responsibilities include overseeing day to day operations at the facility and making sure that we are in compliance with any governing bodies. Get to know more about Jason and how his efforts help contribute to the excellent standard of healthcare that we help deliver day in and day out to our communities.

I hope that the work that I do helps patients by having an easy and seamless visit here. I try to take any patient and/or staff feedback and use it as constructively as possible to constantly make improvements for the future.”

Five years.”

The people. We have a wonderful group of people here. It makes going to work everyday very enjoyable because I know everyone is going to do there best for our patients and treat each other like family.

I’m blessed to be the mom of four beautiful children; Mia (8), Amy (5), Lily (4), and Ivan (2).  So taking care of them and spending time with them and my husband Ever is my priority.  Also, I am a full-time nursing student at Brazosport College. (No free time here! lol)”

Anything outdoors. I enjoy every outdoor recreation that I have ever tried.

Thank you, Jason for standing by your team and helping us deliver the very best!  We appreciate all that you do to help us go the extra mile!

Thank you to both of the recipients of our Waxahachie September Employee Spotlight 2022.  We truly appreciate all that you to do to help keep our workplace professional, fun, family-oriented and above all top quality for our patients.  Make sure to share the great news with your friends and family your great achievements.  You both deserve a big round of applause!

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