Women’s History Month. Celebrating the Achievements of Altus Women

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Altus!

Get to Know the Women of Altus Community Healthcare This Women’s History Month

We have a special treat for everyone this Women’s History Month!  This year, the theme of this special holiday honoring women is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”.  For this reason, we will be introducing you to some of the many amazing ladies of Altus Community Healthcare.

This Women’s History Month, we join in honoring the women in our lives, mothers, daughters, friends, wives, grandmothers, granddaughters, and fellow coworkers. Our ability to multitask goes beyond anything understood by science and we manage to do it with style. Behind each beautiful smile lies mystery, intelligence, skill, ambition, a caring heart, a sense of humor, and wisdom to name just a few. Yet, it would be unfair to generalize as each lady is highly unique.

As we celebrate women’s achievements, where do we start? Women are involved in nearly every profession and truly are the backbone of our nation.  Scroll below to view the videos on the many achievements of the women of Altus.

Celebrating the Achievements of Lauren Cotton, MBA, MS, RN, CEN.

Our first lovely lady that you will get to know is Lauren Cotton, the Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer for Altus.

With some determination and thoughtful planning I believe that most things are possible!” – Lauren

Watch the Video: Women’s History Month – Celebrating the Achievements of Lauren Cotton.

Celebrating the Achievements of Tadessa J. Williams, MBA, MMHR, PHR.

The second amazing lady we’re proud to introduce you to is Tadessa, our V.P. of Human Resources.

So please, please, please you know take time for yourself…” – Tadessa

Watch the Video: Women’s History Month – Celebrating the Achievements of Tadessa J. Williams

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We encourage you to bookmark this page as we will be posting video interviews of excellent Altus Community Healthcare ladies below.

We hope you find inspiration and courage from this diverse set of role models.

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